Debate 2 – Routine Four Gland Parathyroid Exploration is preferred


Presented by Allan Siperstein, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/AAES – MIS Endocrine Postgraduate Course: Controversial Topics in MIS Endocrine Surgery

the real issue–12 sec
key to the success of focal exploration–54 sec
incidence of MGD–2:04
how to study this issue further–3:39
sestamibi iodine subtraction scan–4:35
parathyroid exploration

Keyword(s): AAES, abnormal glands, abnormal pathology, adenomas, anterior jugular vein, blunt dissection, BNE, Ca, chemiluminescent PTH assay, comcomitant thyroid surgery, concomitant thyroid disease, contralateral side, controversial topics, cosmesis, CT co-localization, efficacy, failure rate, false negative, false positive, focal exploration, focal parathyroid exploration, footprint linear, four gland parathyroid exploration, goiters, Hashimotos disease, histology, HPT, hypercellular, hyperplasia, imaging studies, index gland, index gland size, IOPTH, JACS, localizing studies, long-term f/u, MGD, Miami criteria, midline, MIS endocrine surgery, morbidity, NIH Clinical Center, parathyroid US, parathyroidectomy, pathology, prospective evaluation, recurrent disease, retrospective review, sestamibi iodine subtraction scan, Siemens Centaur autoanalyzer, SPECT imaging, success rate, supine, systemic vein, transverse incision

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