Customizing hernia repair – choosing the best technique and prosthetic for each patient- Inguinal he


Presented by Brian P. Jacob, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting: Optimizing Outcomes of Ventral & Inguinal Hernia Repairs Postgraduate Course

disclosures–24 sec
inguinal hernia–2:55

Keyword(s): 5 mm trocar, abdominal wall, adhesion barriers, algorithm, algorithms, American Journal of Surgery, Annals of Surgery, asymptomatic hernia, bias, bilateral, bladder injury, bowel, bowel obstruction, CeQOL, chronic groin pain, chronic pain, clinicians guide, Cochrane collaboration, contraindication, conversion, Coopers ligament, CT scan, database, decision making pathways, desufflation, direct defect, endoscopic inguinal hernia repair, enterotomy, ER, erosion, extubation, feedback mechanisms, females, femoral canal, femoral hernia, GA, groin mass, hand sew, Harmonic Scalpel, hernia contents, hernia sac, hernia sac reduction, iliac vein, incarcerated hernia, indirect hernia, indirect space, individualized pt goals, inguinal scrotal hernias, inguinodynia, intraop findings, IPOM, JAMA, lap assisted hybrid hernia surgery, lap repair, lap repair path, lap TAPP, lap TEP, laparoscopy, late adhesions, level I evidence, level I studies, Lichtenstein, local anesthesia, mesh, mesh plugs, meta-analysis, midline, multicenter trial, muscle, needle, non-absorbable suture, observation, office visits, omentum, open inguinal hernia repair, open repair, open repair path, open technique, palpable, peritoneal closure devices, peritoneum, Pfennesteil, PHS plug, PloS one, population-based analysis, preperitoneal space, primary hernia, prostatectomy, pt education, pt hx, pt selection, QOL, RCT, recurrence, retroperitoneum, risks, scalpel, scrotal hernias, social media, strangulations, suprapubic hernia, Surgical Endoscopy, surgical morbidity, systematic review, tacks, testicular discomfort, transabdominal, transabdominal laparoscope, transfascial sutures, transversalis fascia, trial sequential analysis, trocar site hernia, unilateral, urine, VHR, watchful waiting, World Journal of Surgery

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