Comparison Of Egj Distensibility Changes During Poem And Heller Myotomy Using Intraoperative Endofli


S065 – Ezra N Teitelbaum, MD, Lubomyr Boris, BS, Fahd O Arafat, MD, Frederic Nicodeme, MD, Peter J Kahrilas, MD, John E Pandolfino, MD, Nathaniel J Soper, MD, Eric S Hungness, MD

disclosures–8 sec
achalasia–21 sec
study aim–2:24
study design–2:43
Q&A session–5:24

Keyword(s): achalasia, Barium swallow, EGJ distenstibility, endoscopy, esophageal emptying, esophogram, EUS, FLIP, Gastroenterology, insufflation, intraop calibration, LHM, manometry, pH studies, pneumoperitoneum, POEM, reflux, submucosal tunnel dissection

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