Colorectal Surgery


Presented by Steven D Wexner at the PG Course: Introduction to the SAGES University Masters Program – Assuring Competency From the Get-Go during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

Keyword(s): abdominal wall, abscess, ABX, albumin, anastomosis, anastomotic leak, anesthesia, anti-TNF agents, aorta, appendiceal tumor, appendix, ASCRS, bariatrics, beanbag, biologics, biploar energy device, bipolar, bleeding, bowel prep, bulldog, C. diff colitis, cautery, CD, cecum, CLASICC trial, CME, CNS, colectomy, colon, colon polyps, colonoscopy, COLOR trial, colovesical fistula, constipation, CRS, CT scan, CXR, cystoscopy, dehydration, dentate line, DFS, dilatation, diversion, diverticulitis, donuts, DVT prophylaxis, endoscopy, energy sources, fissures, fistula, fistulagram, gastric emptying, gastrografin enema, gelpad, GIB, gross margins, Hartmanns procedure, Hasson, hemorrhage, hepatic flexure, HGD, Hinchey classification, hyponatremia, IA, IBD, ileitis, ileocecal valve, ileocolic, ileostomy, ileum, iliac artery, IMA, immunosuppression, incisional hernia, infection, J pouch, kidney, ladies trial, laparoscopy, laparotomy, leak test, ligation, line of Toldt, Lloyd Davies, LLQ, loop ileostomy, malignant, malnourishment, mesentery, mesocolic excision, middle colic, minilap, MIS, modified lithotomy, motility, MRI, neoadjuvant CRT, neoplasm, nephrectomy, nitric oxide, obese, obesity, omentum, oncologic, oncology, opioids, pancreas, pathology, pelvis, perfusion assessment, peristalsis, peritoneal lavage, PET, phlegmon, postop ileus, radiation, rectal cx surgery, rectal irrigation, rectal resection, recto-sigmoid junction, rectum, resection, retroperitoneal, right hemicolectomy, RUQ, sacral promontory, sarcoma, SCIP, segmental resection, sigmoid, sigmoid colectomy, sigmoid colon, SMA, small intestine, sphincterotomy, spleen, splenic flexure, steroids, stoma, subtotal colectomy, TAC, taeniae coli, tattoo, traction, transverse colon, transverse colon cx, ureter, ureteral stents, uterus, volvulus, wound protector

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