Biliary Disease with Baby On Board – Review the spectrum of biliary disease in pregnancy and an evid


Presented by Ali Tavakkoli, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; MIS in Pregnancy

disclosures–26 sec
pregnancy & GB–33 sec
biliary disease in pregnancy–3:47
biliary symptoms in pregnancy–7:08

Keyword(s): 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, abdominal CT, abdominal exam, abdominal pain, abdominal US, acute cholecystitis, age, alk phos, ALP, American Journal of Surgery, appendicitis, appendix, asymptomatic, baseline lab values, bile acid composition, biliary colic, biliary disease, biliary pancreatitis, biliary symptoms, biliary tract disease management, biliary tree, C-section rate, CCX, choledocholithiasis, cholelithiasis, cholesterol saturation, comorbidities, complications, confounding systems, conservative management, conservative therapy, constipation, decision analysis, dx, dx of biliary disease, early intervention, ED visits, ERCP, fatty liver, fetal complication rates, fetal outcomes, fetus, gallstones, GB disease, GB ejection fraction, GERD, gestation, gestational period, HCUP-NIS database, hepatoenteric bile salt circulation, HIDA scan, hormonal change, hospital readmissions, imaging choices, incidence, initial assessment, Iran, Italian study, Journal of GI Surgery, laparoscopy, LC, LOS, M&M, management, Markov analytical model, maternal complication rates, maternal outcomes, MIS, mother, MRCP, multiple pregnancies, non-obstetric surgical intervention, non-operative management, open surgery, operative management, pancreatitis, physiological changes of pregnancy, post-partum, pre-term labor, pregnancy, pregnant pts, prevalence, progesterone, pt preference, r/o, radiation, radiation dose, readmissions, recurrent symptoms, reflux disease, risk factors, safety threshhold, SAGES 2011 position statement, serum chemistry, single center experience, sludge, sphincterotomy, stone formation, subgroup analysis, Surgical Endoscopy, surgical intervention, surgical management, surgical preference, symptomatic, symptomatic gallstones, third trimester, trend, Turkey, tx algorithm, U.S., US, uterus, WBC, weight

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    Amjad Ali on Aug 4, 2014
    very good presentation

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