Assisted Total Pancreatectomy And Autologous Islet Cell Transplantation


Assisted Total Pancreatectomy And Autologous Islet Cell Transplantation

Presented by Amer H Zureikat, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS12 V029

Amer H Zureikat, MD, Trang Nguyen, MD, David Bartlett, MD, Martin Wijkstrom, MD, Herbert Zeh, III, MD, Abhinav Humar, MD; University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Points of interest:
Port placement–14 sec
mobilization of hepatic flexure–19 sec
completion of right colon mobilization–23 sec
Kocher maneuver–28 sec
opening of the foramen of Winslow–37 sec

Keyword(s): 14G angiocath, 3.5mm linear cutting stapler, 3.8mm linear cutting stapler, 4-0 Surgipro, 5-0 Prolene suture, aberrant, angle, anomolies, anterior row, assisted total pancreatectomy, attached, autologous islet cell transplantation, bile duct stent placement, bile spillage, camera, camera port, cannulation, Cattell Braasch, caudad, caudal, CBD, cephalad, cephalic, clips, closure, common hepatic artery, completion of right colon mobilization, Connell stitch, creation, davinci robot, defect, developed, distally, division, double clipping, duodenum, encircled, end to side, expose, foramen of Winslow, gastroepiploic vein, gastrojejunostomy, GDA, head of the table, hepaticojejunostomy, Hobbs stent, Hofmeister hand sewn end to side gastrojejunostomy, hook cautery, identified, inferior pancreatic border, inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery, IPDA, islet cell infusion, islets, islolated, jejunum, Kocher maneuver, laparoscopic assistant ports, laparoscopic instruments, ligament of Treitz, Ligasure device, ligated, linear stapler, liver retractor, mesenteric vessels, minimized warm ischemic time, mobilization of hepatic flexure, moistened, opening, overlying, pancreas, pancreatic neck, pancreatic tunnel, partially excised, port placement, porta hepatis, portal vein, posterior row, prepared, proximally, reconstruction, reflected medially, reinforcement, removal of vascular clamp, resected, resection bed, retroduodenal tunnel, retropancreatic space, retropancreatic tunnel, right gastric artery, right mesocolon, robotic arm, robotic assisted, robotic ports, running fashion, RUQ, separation, SMV, splenic artery, splenic flexure, splenic vein, splenic vein stump, splenic vein stump staple line, staple, sterile catheter, superior pancreatic border, superior pancreaticoduodenal vein, surrounding tissue, tail, terminal ileum, tissue, transected, transection, transverse duodenum, two layers, umbilical tape, uncinate, uncinate venous branches, utilized, vascular load staplers, vessel loop, visualization

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