Are there reasons to use a hand-assist technique in Crohns resection?


Laparoscopic Surgery for Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Technical Issues

info on SAGES membership–20 sec
laparoscopic colectomy learning curve–1:11
laparoscopy for Crohn’s disease–1:53
laparoscopic ileocecal resection–2:12
port site for ileocolic resection–2:29
ileocolic resection in thin patients–2:52
ileocolic resection in obese–3:09
hand assisted ileocolectomy–3:29
laparoscopic operative parameters–3:36
Crohn’s colitis–4:00
hand assisted laparoscopy–4:20
hand assisted laparoscopic colectomy reluctance–4:45
hand vs straight laparoscopy–5:07
port and incision placement–5:24
hand assisted vs laparoscopic sigmoid resection–5:37
hand assisted left colectomy–6:03
hand vs lap left colectomy operative time–6:17
LAP conversions–6:51
hand assist vs lap total colectomy–7:24
TAC and TPC conversions–7:35
prospective randomized trial–8:04 (need to provide citation link:
HALS vs LAP results–8:32
HALS vs standard laparoscopic OR time–8:55
HALS vs LAP conversions–9:27
HALS vs standard laparoscopic pain scores–9:41
HALS vs standard laparoscopic return to bowel function–9:47
HALS vs standard laparoscopic LOS–9:49
HALS vs LAP conclusions–9:55
laparoscopic resection of colonic Crohn’s disease is it worth the effort?–10:05
operative technique LSR–10:39
indications for surgery–11:07
HA TPC/ileo Crohn’s disease & beginning of procedural video –12:02
when it’s feasible to perform hand assist resection for Crohn’s–15:51

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