Appropriate use and timing of ERCP


Presented by Jose M. Martinez, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting Pre-, Intra-, Post-Operative Management of CBD Stones

background–35 sec
CBD stone management–1:50
ERCP technique–2:12
timing & indications for ERCP–5:02
preop ERCP pros & cons–6:38
intraop ERCP–8:23
intraop ERCP pros &

Keyword(s): algorithm, ampulla of Vater, anesthesia, anti-grade stenting, balloon, basket, biliary stricture, Bilroth II, bleeding, CBD dilation, CBDS management, cholangiogram, cholangitis, cholecystectomy, CT scan, drainage, endoscopic cannulation, endoscopic management, ERCP, EUS, foregut anatomy, gallstone pancreatitis, GB, GB surgery, hepatolithiasis, insufflation, IOC, jaundice, lap transgastric technique, lap-assisted technique, LC, LCBDE, LFTs, mechanical lithotripsy, monopolar energy source, MRCP, needle knife, obstruction, open CBDE, pancreatic duct, perf, reoperation, RYGB, sphincterotome, sphincterotomy, stone extraction, trans-oral route

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