Aneurysm of the Splenic Artery Laparoscopic Approach


Presented by Veronica Gorodner at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent Session SS1 MIS/Solid Organ

H&P–44 sec
CT scan–1 min

Keyword(s): asthma, blood flow, celiac trunk, circulation, clamp, collateral vessels, collaterals, CT angiogram, CT scan, enodbag, evaluation, female, H&P, Harmonic scalpel, Hem-o-lok, hook electrocautery, IBS, incidental dx, ischemic, kidney stones, laparoscopic approach, laparoscopic bulldog, laparoscopic tx, liver, pancreas, PMH, POD2, portal vein thrombosis, post-op, proximal aspect, resect, right angle, specimen retrieval, spleen, splenectomy, splenic artery aneurysm, splenic vein, splenic vein thrombosis, symptomatic, thrombus

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