Covidien Radial Reload with Tristaple Technology

by Robert Fanelli, MD

Covidien has released a curved reload staple cartridge for use with their laparoscopic linear stapling and cutting device. Curved staplers have proven useful in allowing division of intestine deeper in the pelvis.

Covidien claims:

  1. Device permits division of the rectum a full 2cm lower than competitive products.
  2. This reload features Covidien’s Tristaple Technology that uses three rows of staples that are closed to different heights during stapler firing, resulting in gradated tissue compression.
  3. Covidien recommends placing the Radial Reload through a hand assist access port, or through an open abdominal incision; its fixed curve precludes traditional placement through a rigid port.

Covidien Radial Reload TAVAC

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