The SAGES Manual: A Practical Guide to Bariatric Surgery

by Ninh T. Nguyen (Editor), Eric DeMaria (Editor), Sayeed Ikramuddin (Editor), Matthew M. Hutter (Editor)


The SAGES Manual: A Practical Guide to Bariatric Surgery

ISBN-13: 978-0387691701
ISBN-10: 0387691707

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Bariatric surgery is an increasingly common procedure, but far from an easy one. Patient assessment and selection must be careful. Complications can arise quite often. Training levels can be uneven among clinicians.


The SAGES Manual of Bariatric Surgery bridges the gaps and serves as a practical and concise starting point for the surgeon adding these procedures to his skill set.


The patient care needs are addressed in introductory chapters dealing with the rationale for surgery; overview of operations; preoperative assessment; psychological evaluation; and postoperative follow up, including behavioral issues and dietary guidelines. The editors then address the practicalities of setting up a bariatric program and both case and practice management.


The subsequent sections cover techniques (Roux-en-Y, Lap-Band, malabsorptive operations and staged procedures), outcomes (including adolescent cases), and possible complications (leaks, bleeding, obstruction, stomas). These procedural chapters allow the reader to make decisions based on the evidence and best practices.


Finally, the Manual wraps up with guidelines and accreditation requirements in bariatric surgery. This section stresses the importance of continuing education and consistent certifications.

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