Transvaginal laparoscopic sigmoidectomy for sigmoid colon cancer: report of a case from China

Duo Li, MD, Chunbo Kang, MD, Jinhong Liu, MD, Aimin Li, MD, Xiufeng Chen, MD

Department of Minimally Invasive Gastrointestinal Surgery, Aerospace Central Hospital, Peking University, Beijing, 100049, China.

We report here the first clinical transvaginal laparoscopic sigmoidectomy in China. The patient was a 76-year-old woman with early stage sigmoid adenocarcinoma who had no previous surgery.

The approach was a transvaginal laparoscopic-assisted sigmoidectomy. The laparoscope was inserted through a 10-mm trocar placed transumbilically, and laparoscopic retractor, 5mm harmonic scapel and 5mm intestine grasper were placed through vaginal port. The sigmoid colon was fully mobilized and drained mesenteric lymph nodes were resected with established laparoscopic technique, and followed by colonic resection extracorporeally through the colpotomy and transvaginal anastomosis intraabdominally. The operating time was 168 min with 200 ml blood loss. Less postoperative pain and rapid recovery of gastrointestinal function were observed. No vaginal bleeding or other postoperative complications associated the transvaginal approach occurred. The patient was discharged home on postoperative day 8. Postoperative pathology examination confirmed a T2N0 moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma. The follow-up was 21 months with no any complications and tumor free.

Conclusion Transvaginal laparoscopic surgery for sigmoid colon cancer is technically feasible and oncologically safe. This transvaginal approach may provide the best way to further perform “pure” natural orifice colon surgery.

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Program Number: P575

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