Tep with No Balloon, No Staples and with Thinner Instruments. Initial 50 Cases Experience

Marcelo Loureiro, Eduardo Bonin, Claus Christiano. Jacques Perissat Institut

Laparoscopic repair of inguinal hernias is one of the best methods available to treat this so common disease. TEP is also probably the best laparoscopic option. Today there is a growing concern about chronic pain after hernia repairs as well as surgical costs. The authors present their initial experience with minilaparocopy for TEP that has been doing without mesh fixation or balloon as their standard for the last 12 years. The last 50 laparoscopic hernia cases were done without a special selection for minilaparocopy. Only the huge inguinoscrotal hernias were not operated by laparoscopy. They were 11 bilateral cases(22%) and 12 recurrences(24%). The others were primary unilateral cases. Forty four patients were man(88%).
The median operative time was 32, 4 min. There was a conversion to conventional laparoscopy and from that to open surgery in a recurrent hernia. Peritoneal tears happened in 4 cases(8%). All patients were discharged the following day. Analgesics were used only during hospitalization for 31 patients(62%). Seromas and hematoma were present in 7 patients (14%) During the initial follow up (1 to 8 months) authors did not find any recurrence.
Microlaparoscopy seems to improve even morer the results achieved by  TEP  without balloon dissection and with no staple fixation. Besides its better ergonomy, a thinner instrument allows an easier and faster dissection once it keeps the operative field wider. Cosmetic result is another potencial advantage.

Session: Emerging Technology Poster
Program Number: ETP073
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