Solid-Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas: Our Experience in Bangladesh

Zulfiqur Rahmankhan, FRCS. Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujib Medical University

Background: Solid-pseudopapillary tumors of the pancreas (SPTPs) have been reported as rare lesions with “low malignant potential” occurring mainly in young women. This study was designed to understand clinicopathological characteristics of the disease, management strategy and outcome of this rare disease

Methods: A retrospective review from January 2001 to December 2009 was performed. Clinicopathological, operative, and survival data were obtained from record file. Our cases are discussed in the light of published literature

Results: During this period, 31 patients were diagnosed as having SPTPs (6.9%). Twenty-four (77.4%) females and seven (22.6%) males were identified, with a median age of 24 years (range, 14–44). The median size of the lesions was 7.0 cm (range, 4.8–18). More than 90% presented with vague abdominal pain and lump. Twenty five patients had their primary tumors within the head, the rest were in body and tail region. A total of 30 patients presented with local disease underwent complete resection. One patient was found to have a very large tumor in the head with vascular invasion underwent debulking of the tumor which recurred 1 year after resection but still alive with recurrence. All patients are surviving till date at a follow-up of 2 months to 9 year.

Conclusions: SPT occurs predominantly in women (82%), although it can occur in men; all age groups are affected. Complete resection is associated with long-term survival even in the presence of metastatic disease

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