Laparoscopic Treatment of Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome

Erik G Lough, MD, Sam Rossi, MD, Albeir Mousa, MD FACS. WVU – Charleston Division, CAMC Health Sciences Institute

This is a video abstract case presentation of a young female with typical symptoms of Median Arcuate Ligament (MAL) Syndrome and findings of celiac artery compression on abdominal angiogram. The patient was treated by laparoscopic decompression of the MAL. Exposure was obtained by dividing the crural fibers from the aortic hiatus down to the origin of the celiac axis. This was follow by division of the MAL and celiac ganglion using the harmonic scalpel and endoshears. The crura were then reapproximated superiorly using intracorporeal suturing. Postoperatively the patient had dramatic relief of her symptoms and continued relief at 6 months followup.

Session: SS15
Program Number: V037

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