Laparoscopic Transanal Polypectomy

Marco Scatizzi, MD, Elisa Lenzi, MD, Maddalena Baraghini, MD, Katrin Kroning, MD, Andrea Vannucchi, MD, Stefano Cantafio, MD, Alessia Garzi, MD, Francesco Feroci, MD. Chirurgia Generale Ospedale Misericordia e Dolce Prato


Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM) has emerged as a minimally invasive technique for resect rectal tumors. TEM needs specialized centers, expensive equipment and a long learning curve. As laparoscopy this technique is a methods to perform miniinvasive operations. We modified this technique and performed a laparoscopic transanal polypectomy using a SILS™ Port inserted in the anus, a 30-degree optical laparoscope (5 mm), a 5 mm tissue grasper and a LigaSure™ 5 mm. In expert laparoscopic surgeon’s hands this technique seems easy and can be performed without TEM’s equipment.

Session Number: VidTV1 – Video Channel Rotation Day 1
Program Number: V087

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