Laparoscopic Resection of an Esophageal Duplication Cyst

Ross F Goldberg, MD, Michael Parker, MD, John A Stauffer, MD, Horacio J Asbun, MD FACS, C. Daniel Smith, MD FACS, Steven P Bowers, MD FACS. Mayo Clinic – Florida

Esophageal duplication cysts are rare congenital lesions. There have been a small number of reported cases of these lesions being treated in the adult population using contemporary approaches. The case presented is of a mediastinal esophageal duplication cyst located at the GE junction with a broad attachment over the anterior surface of the esophagus. The following video presentation is of the laparoscopic resection of this esophageal duplication cyst while sparing the anterior vagus nerve. This was followed by a repair of the resected area with an extended myotomy on to the gastric sling fibers and Topuet fundoplication.

Session: SS03
Program Number: V005

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