Laparoscopic repair of a recurrent IH

Enrique F Elli, MD FACS, Mario A Masrur, MD, Lindberg K Simpson, MD, Osman Mahdi-Babikir, MD, Bianco M Francesco, MD, Nicolas C Buchs, MD, Pier C Giulianotti, MD FACS. Division of General, Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery, Department of Surgery, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The laparoscopic approach in abdominal wall hernias has been proven and used in different complex procedures like incisional hernias.
A 69-year woman with a previous laparoscopic incisional hernia repair with mesh a year ago presented to follow up with a clinical recurrence.
This video shows one alternative to resolve this specific situation.
A diagnostic laparoscopy showed the detachment of the inferior aspect of the mesh, exposing the previous hernia sac and facilitating the recurrence.
Another 15 x 15 cm Gorotex® dualmesh is added and sutured to the previous mesh and attached to the pubis using tackers, the anterior aspect of the mesh is sutured to the inferior border of the previous mesh. Additional tackers and stitches are placed along the borders of the new mesh. The operative time was 120 minutes and the blood loss was minimal. There was no complication and the patient was discharged at home on post operative day 1.
This video shows a technical resource to repair a recurrent incisional hernia in a previous laparoscopic mesh repair. This procedure is not only feasible and safe but also represents a valid technical option.

Session: VidTV2
Program Number: V081

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