Laparoscopic Esophago Gastrectomy with Colonic Interposition

C Palanivelu, MCh FACS FRCS, P Senthilnathan, MS DNB MRCS, P S Rajan, MS FACS, P Praveen Raj, MS, V Vaithiswaran, MS, R Parthasarathi, MS. GEM Hospital

Incidence of adenocarcinoma of esophago-gastric junction is increasing rapidly in India. Some of the lesions involve significant lengths of the lower esophagus and the stomach. Laparoscopic Esophago gastrectomy with colonic interposition is a good surgical option in such patients.


This video will show the steps of Laparoscopic esophago gastrectomy with colonic interposition.
The video includes the following steps:
-Laparoscopic mobilization of stomach and clearance of hepatic, left gastric and celiac nodes
-Laparoscopic mobilisation of the colon
-Thoracoscopic mobilisation of the esophagus with removal of mediastinal nodes
-Mini laparotomy to extract the specimen and prepare colonic conduit and completion of colo-gastric anastomosis
-Laparoscopic creation of the substernal tunnel and delivery of the colonic conduit to the neck.
-Sleeve protective sheath is used for colonic pull up.
-Completion of the esophago gastric anastomosis.

Session: SS03
Program Number: V003

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