Laparoscopic Appendectomy Is As Cost Effective As Open Appendectomy

Introduction: The aim of this study is to compare the results of laparoscopic (LA) versus open (OA) approaches for appendectomy in a teaching community hospital.
Methods: A retrospective analysis of 264 patients who underwent appendectomy over an 8-year period (155 Lap versus 109 Open). Two surgeons performed all LA procedures and all were initially approached for laparoscopically. The variables analyzed included patient data (WBC count, duration of symptoms), operating room data (length of the procedure and pathology), post-operative data (post-op complications and length of hospital stay) and total costs. The two approaches were compared using a t-test and chi-square statistical analysis.
Results: Patient demographic data (age and sex), preoperative WBC, duration of symptoms and pathology were all comparable in the two study groups. Six cases were converted to open appendectomy and were included in the LA group data. There was no statistical difference in the average operative time between LA (mean min 55.7+22.3, range 20-128) and OA (mean min 58.9+23.7, range 29-135) groups with a difference of 3.2 minutes, 95% CI (-8.8 to 2.43) and p-value 0.26. The overall incidence of minor and major complications was significantly less in the LA group at 2.0% (3 incidents) compared with 17.4% in the OA group (19 incidents) with p-value

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