Intracorporeal Anastomosis for Transverse Colon Tumors

Nobuhiro Ito, PhD, Hiroshi Nagata, PhD, Noiku Nakao, PhD, Toshiaki Nonami, PhD. Aichi Medical University


Background: Recently, laparoscopic surgery for colorectal tumors is widespread, and it seems to be standard operation. However, the operation for transverse colon is not common, because it is difficult to exfoliate a wide area in order to anastomose. In the operation for laparoscopic transverscolectomy we made another wound to anastomose. Here, we report the usefulness of intracorporeal anastomosis for transverse colon tumors. Method: We performed four cases of intracorporal end-to-end anastomosis. We used a 60-mm end-liner stapler, and the entry hole was closed by intracorporal suturing. The operation was done by the three-port method using the umbilical region. At the time of the anastomosis, we added a 5-mm trocar as needed. Results: The procedure was technically successful. Mean operative time was 281 minutes. Mean operative blood loss was 36 g. One case developed wound infection and ileus as postoperative complications, but they were relieved conservatively. Except for last one case, the postoperative hospitalization was around ten days. Conclusion: Intracorporeal anastomosis for transverse colon tumors is feasible and safe. We did not need another wound to anastomose. No wide exfoliation was needed. Intracorporeal anastomosis may be useful in single-site laparoscopic surgery. Intracorporeal anastomosis can be done with minimal invasiveness.

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