Fast-track rehabilitation after colorectal surgery – prospective analysis of 100 consecutive patients.

The patients after colorectal surgery undergo complex rehabilitation postoperatively. A standard model of the postoperative rehabilitation covered complete mobilization of the patient on the second postoperative day and oral feeding 4 – 5 days after surgery. With this model mean time of postoperative hospitalization ranged between 6 – 10 days and the risk of postoperative complications was about 20%.
The study is evaluating a new fast-track model of the postoperative rehabilitation in the patients after colon resections for cancer.
Material and Method.
One hundred consecutive patients undergoing colorectal surgery for cancer in 2006 underwent fast-track rehabilitation (group A). These patients were mobilized on the first postoperative day. They received liquids 6 hours after surgery, and complete oral feeding was introduced 2-3 days after surgery. The results obtained from this group were compared with computer-matched patients operated earlier, who underwent standard rehabilitation (group B). Both groups were comparable for age, sex, coexisting diseases, stage of cancer, and type of surgery performed.
Mean age of the patients was 68 years (+/- 4.7 years) in both groups. The time of postoperative hospitalization for group A was 4.8 days (+/- 1.9), and for group B 8.6 days (+/- 2.3) (p

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