Experience of the Three Trocars Method for Colorectal Laparoscopic Surgery

Shuji Kitashiro, Shunichi Okushiba, Yo Kawarada, Takeshi Sasaki, Daisuke Saikawa, Hiroyuki Katoh. Tonan hospital


We introduce our technique of the three trocars method for colorectal cancer. This method means to perform surgery without assistant. It may operative offer many unique advantages, e.g., operator can control the operative view directory, it may diminish human error, enable the operation to progress speedily, and provide significant economic benefits (human assistant in not necessary. And it’s very useful when Single port surgery was introduced, because many points (operative procedure, the way to obtain adequate operative field) are similar to the three trocar method.

A total of 460 cases ( included 40 Single port surgery) diagnosed with colorectal cancer between 2004 and 2011. Operative, and post operative characteristics including overall survival and surgical complication were analyzed.

The 5-years survival rate is 89% in stage II and 70% in stage III. The average surgical time was about 120 minutes for the colon, 150 minutes for the rectum and 130 minutes for single port surgery. In almost all operations, we successfully managed to get an adequate operative field. Only 14 patients were converted to conventional technique, but there were no additinal trocar in single port surgery cases.

We hereby report on the characteristics and outcomes of the three trocars method in our institute. And feasibility of this method was indicated. We believe that this method will prevail in terms of bringing benefits for single port colorectal cancer surgery.

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