Conservative Management of Nongangrenous Gastric Pneumatosis Caused By Barotrauma (aerophagia). Case Report and Literature Review

Alexey Markelov, MD, Vijay Rastogi. Easton Hospital, Drexel University School of Medicine

Pneumatosis intestinalis, or air within the wall of the gastrointestinal tract, has been documented from the esophagus to the rectum. Its presence can suggest gangrenous changes of the stomach or colon and represents a surgical emergency. However, gastric pneumatosis can also occur as a result of a benign, nongangrenous condition. In our case, the probable cause was direct transmural diffusion of gas from the air-distended stomach. We review the reported cases of gastric emphysema and emphasize clinical recognition of this rare entity, which might be caused by benign nongangrenous condition and an unnecessary laparotomy may be avoided in a patient, who presents with similar findings and does not appear acutely ill.

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