Colorectal Tract Reconstruction Performed with the Nickel-Titanium Temperature-Dependent Memory-Shape Device (CAR27) After Colorectal Surgery

XINXIANG LI, MD, SANJUN CAI, MD, WEILIE GU. Department of Colorectal Surgery, Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center

0bjective To evaluate the safety and efficacy of compression anastomosis ring(CAR27) for colorectal anastomosis.

Methods From October 2009 to March 2010, Sixty colorectal cancer patients undergoing Colorectal surgery were matched randomly divided into two groups and received colorectal anastomosis with CAR27 or stapler.The following parameters were recorded, colorectal anastomotic complication,first post-operation flatus and bowel movement, extrusion of ring.

Results Both CAR27 and stapler group had one case of anastomotic leakage. Other complications such as stricture or obstruction were not found.The ring was expelled with stool within 8—16 days.Two groups had the similar results in recovery of bowel function and operation time and endoscopic examination after a 6-mo follow-up showed a better healing at the compression anastomosis.

Conclusion Our study indicates CAR27 is safe and simple for colorectal anastomosis. However, it should be further confirmed with a larger patient sample.

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