Carcinoid – A Rare Presentation

Afaq Z Khan, MD, Shahbano Jamali, MD, Iqbal Khan, FRCS, Assad Khan, MBBS. Hays Medical Center

Gastrointestinal tract is the most common location for a Carcinoid Tumour. Carcinoid in abscence of neurohumoral or local effects is found incidentally.

We present two cases from rural Kansas which were operated upon for adenocarcinoma of the colon. At the time of surgery they were found to have additional lesions in the small intestine with typical scarring and asociated bowel discolouration on mobilisation. Histopathology came back consistent with a carcinoid tumour.

The lesions were incidental findings and were not suspected preoperatively.

Subsequent workup revealed metastases of carcinoid in one of the two patients.

Staging and treatmnet plans with concomitant adenocarcinoma of the colon presented an interesting challenge to the surgeon and the oncologist.

Literature search did not show any previous case report of carcinoid associated with adenocarcinoma. Further workup is needed to find a genetic association if any between the two.

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