Assessment of Laparoscopic Surgery Training Based On a Model of Digestive System Anastomosis Using Chicken Hearts in an Endo-Training Box

Shin-ichirou Mori, MD, Kuniaki Aridome, MD, Tsutomu Kozono, MD, Kenji Baba, MD, Hironori Sakita, MD, Saburou Nakashima, MD, Toyokuni Suenaga, MD, Shouji Natugoe, MD. Department of Surgery, Nanpuh Hospital

Laparoscopic surgery demands unique surgical skills that can only be acquired through practice. Specific training outside the operating room is necessary to shorten learning curves and minimize morbidity rates. We assessed improvements in laparoscopic skills after completing specialized training using a chicken heart model of digestive system anastomosis. This prospective study of laparoscopic training was based on the performance of ventriculo- ventrical sutures (VVS), aorto-aortal anastomoses (AAA) and purse-string sutures using chicken hearts in an endo-training box. Both VVS and AAA were completed more rapidly, and eye-hand as well as hand-hand coordination were improved after completing training using the model. Anastomosis using chicken hearts is therefore a suitable model for training to improve laparoscopic skills.

Session: Emerging Technology Poster
Program Number: ETP064
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