A Study of Open Tension-Free Mesh-Plug Hernia Repair for Unilateral Strangulated Inguinal Hernia

Ke Gong, MD, Haijun Jiang, MD, Dexiao Du, MD, Xia Zhao, MD, Chen Liu, MD. Department of General Surgery, Beijing Shijitang Hospital

Background To evaluate open tension-free mesh-plug hernia repair for the patients with strangulated inguinal hernia.

Methods We retrospectively reviewed 21 patients who underwent open tension-free mesh-plug and patch for unilateral strangulated inguinal hernia between June 2005 and June 2009 in surgical department of Beijing Shijitan Hospital. The clinical data were analyzed.

Results Of the 21 patients, 19 were men and 2 were women. The average age of the patients was 54 years (range 19-86).The mean strangulated time was 4 hours (range 1-6 hours) without peritonitis. Azlocillin sodium 2g or clindamycin phosphate 0.6g (if penicillin allergy) had been given to every patient twice daily for 3 days, the first dose was given 30 minutes before procedure. The open tension-free mesh-plug and patch hernia repair procedure was performed as described by Rutkow and Robbins, under regional anesthesia. The mean operating time was 97±20min (range 60-130 min) and the mean operative bleeding was 24±12ml (range 10-50 ml). The mean postoperative hospital stay was 6±2d (range 3-7d). The follow-up period was 6-39 months (mean 20± 9 months). The pain scores at 1, 3d after surgery were 2±1, 1±1.The pain was scored as 1 (no pain), 2 (mild pain), 3 (moderate pain), 4 (severe pain), or 5 (intolerable pain). The postoperative complications were 2 cases of wound-healing problems, 2 cases of urinary retention, 1 case of hematoma and 4 cases of scrotum edema, none of these complications needed surgical intervention. No major complications and recurrence was found.

Conclusions This study shows that tension-free mesh-plug hernia repair is safe and feasible to treat the patients who suffered from unilateral strangulated inguinal hernia without peritonitis.

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