A Flexible Endoscopic Surgical-Platform Enables Pure Transrectal Colon Cancer Surgery

Erwin Rieder, MD, Mark H Whiteford, MD, Lee L Swanstrom, MD. MIS Program, Legacy Health, Portland, OR

Natural orifice transrectal endoscopic surgery (NOTES) approach makes immense sense for incisionless colorectal surgery, as access colotomy can be incorporated into subsequent anastomosis and thereby provides a clear-cut patient benefit compared to standard laparoscopy. However, adequate oncologic transrectal resection of the left colon is still hampered due to the length and flexibility of devices used so far. This video demonstrates, that the introduction of a flexible endoscopic surgical-platform in conjunction with standard transanal endoscopic microsurgery instrumentation can enable pure NOTES colectomies for cancer.

Session: VidTV3
Program Number: V086

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