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“Common Bile Duct Exploration – Techniques for Today’s Trainees”
Tuesday, April 3, 2018 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm ET

Program Chair: B. Fernando Santos, MD
Faculty: Peter Muscarella, MD; Michael Pucci, MD; and Ezra Teitelbaum, MD
Program Outline:

7:00-7:10PM | Welcome and Overview | B. Fernando Santos, MD
7:10-7:35PM | Lap Cholangiography and transcystic fluoro-guided CBDE techniques | Michael Pucci, MD
7:35-8:00PM | Lap transcystic video-guided CBDE | Ezra Teitelbaum, MD
8:00-8:25PM | Lap transcholedochal CBDE and adjuncts | B. Fernando Santos, MD
8:25-8:50PM | Open CBDE | Peter Muscarella, MD
8:50-9:00PM | Panel Discussion | All Faculty

Please note that participation is limited to 100 participants. To accommodate as many participants as possible, we encourage group viewing (1 login per Institution/Program) of the webinar. A recording will be posted on SAGES TV within a week of the live webinar having taken place. All past SAGES webinars are available at:



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