Small Bowel Obstruction | Conditions Requiring Urgent Attention and What I Do First


Presented by Benjamin E. Schneider, MD | What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery

overview–45 sec
SBO presentation–2:17
internal hernia–4:13

Keyword(s): abdominal wall hernias, adhesions, anastamotic displacement, ante-colic, aspiration, bariatric surgery, BP limb, cecum, CT scan, diastasis, dysmotility, epigastric pain, ER physicians, gastric perf, gastric remnant, GT, hemorrhage, hurricane sign, ileus, imaging studies, incisional hernia, internal hernia, intussusception, ischemia, JJ, laparoscopy, mesenteric defect, mesh repair, mesoclon, mesocolic window, morbid obesity, N&V, nutritional deficiency, OSA, PE, Petersens defect, port site hernia, resection, Roux limb, RYGB, SBO, small intestine, stricture, surgical emergency, swirl sign, TI, UGI, ventral hernia, x-ray

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