Gastro Gastric Fistula after Gastric Bypass


This video shows unusual anatomy after roux-en-y gastric bypass including a gastro gastric fistula. There is a normal gastro-jejunal anastomosis seen as well as fundic gland gastric polyps. As the scope is withdrawn, we see that the proximal stomach is within a hiatal hernia. There is a second lumen on the patients right. This leads to another gastric pouch full of polyps and, through a small stricture, the patiens remnant stomach.

Video donated to the SAGES Video Atlas of Endoscopy by Eric M Pauli, MD

Keyword(s): anatomy, fundic gland polyps, gastric pouch, GGF, GJ anastomosis, hiatal hernia, lumen, remnant stomach, RYGB, scope, stricture

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