Endoscopic “Normal” Anatomy After Different Bariatric Procedures


Presented by Bipan Chand, MD at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Complications

objectives–14 sec
JI bypass–1:04
mini-gastric bypass–2:32
mesh erosion video–4:06
common procedures–4:34
endoscopic view of dilated G-J anastomosi

Keyword(s): 15 mm oblong snare, abandoned, abnormal anastomosis, abnormal findings, abnormalities, acute angulation, afferent limb, alimentary limb, alkaline gastritis, anastomosis, Angle of His, anterior slip, antrum, Apollo Endosurgery Advisory Committee, appropriate size, balloon dilation, band, band erosion, bariatric procedures, bile, Billroth II reconstruction, blind limb, bx forceps, candy cane limb, cardia, circular anastomosis, common findings, common procedures, communication, compartmentalization, configuration of stomach, confirm, contrast, contrast study, Covidien consultant, CT scan, defunctionalized jejunum, dilated anastomosis, dilation, disrupted staple line, distal JJ anastomosis, division of short gastric vessels, efferent limb, EGJ, endoluminally, endoscope, endoscope manipulation, Endoscopic Management of Bariatric Complications, endoscopic view, endoscopically, endoscopist, endoscopy, endoscopy post GB, erosions, esophagitis, esophagus, figuration of sleeve, fistula, foreign body, functional obstruction, fundus, G-G fistula, G-J anastomosis, gastric antrum, gastric division, gastric intervention, gastric manipulation, gastric plication, gastric pouch, gastroenterologists, gastroenterology colleagues, gastrogastric fistula, gastroplasty, Gomez gastroplasty, Gomez procedure, Gore consultant, GR, greater curve, half of a c type configuration, hallmark, healthy appearing mucosa, hemorrhagic, hiatal hernia, high rates of marginal ulceration, historical operation, historical procedures, horizontal gastroplasty, horizontal stapling, ileum, imaging, in-folding, incisura angularis, individual, institution, intact pylorus, intestinal manipulation, intestinal reconstruction, intraop view, invaginated, invaginated staple line, investigational procedure, investigational procedures, ischemia, isolated, JI bypass, LAGB, laparoscopically, large intestine, lesser curve, ligament of Treitz, linear anastomosis, LRYGB, LSG, lumens, mandatory reversal, marlex, measure, mesh erosion, middle outlet, mini-gastric bypass, MU, narrowing at the incisura, Nissan fundoplication, normal anatomic position, normal anatomy, normal appearance, oblong anastomosis, ORYGB, outlet, outlet obstruction, overfilled, oversewn staple line, pooling of fluid, pooling of proximal material, post-LRYGB, posterior slip, postop symptoms, potential failures, proximal gastroenterostomy, proximal stasis, proximal stomach, pyloric channel, radiographic images, redundant tissue, refluxing, reinforced, relevant features, remnant, remove, resection line, retroflexed view, revision, right colon, round anastomosis, running suture line, schematic illustration, severe stricture, short gut complications, single anastomosis, size, small bowel anastomosis, small gastric pouch, snare, standard diagnostic endoscope, standard endoscope, staple line, stomach, stomach stapling, straight tunnel, strictues, stricture, surgical anatomy, suture material, suture staples, symptomatic, symptoms, tight, timing of operation, tissue lumen, tortuous, transverse colon, tricks, tubularization, two rows of suture, U.S., uncommon procedures, upper endoscopy, upper GI, upper normal limit, VBG

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