Source: Resident Webinar

The Evolution of Colorectal Surgery: Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery Endoscopic Submucosal Dissect

Faculty includes: Peter Marcello, MD (Chair); Todd Francone, MD, Alessio Pigazzi, MD, and Ronney Stadler, MD Local excision of rectal cx: Pt selection & indications by Dr. Ronney Stadler–1:58 rectal cx overview–2:26 surgeon’s role in rectal cx–3:28 local recurrence of rectal cx–4:45 depth of tumo Keyword(s): 0 Silk tie, 18G angiocath, 5 mm grasper, abdominal […]

GERD: Current Minimally Invasive and Endoscopic Treatments for Reflux

Faculty includes: Brent Matthews, MD (Chair); Andrew Kastenmeier, MD; Kyle Perry, MD; and Richard Pierce, MD Anatomic & Physiologic Evaluation of the GERD pt by Dr. Brent D Matthews–3:35 disclosures–3:39 SAGES guidelines for surgical tx of GERD–3:46 Keyword(s): 0 Ethibond, 2-0 Ethibond, 24-hr acid exposure, 24-hr pH testing, 30 degree laparoscope, 45 degree laparoscope, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Management of Acute Bariatric Surgical Complication for Nonbariatric Surgeon

Faculty includes: Valerie Halpin, MD (Chair); Matthew Goldblatt, MD; Sachin Kukreja, MD; Brandon Williams, MD Band complications for the non-bariatric surgeon by Dr. Valerie Halpin–2:22 2 things to know–2:44 common band complaints–3:56 band deflation–5:18 tools for band adjustment–5:37 Band ports–6 Keyword(s): acute ABD, alimentary limb, Allergan AP band, antecolic, antegastric, anterior slip, balloon dilatation, balloon […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Patient Centered Outcomes in Inguinal Hernia Repair

This webinar on Patient Centered Outcomes in Inguinal Hernia Repair has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Brian Jacob, MD (Chair); George Ferzli, MD; B. Todd Heniford, MD; David Chen, MD webinar begins–3:57 Outcomes are paramount: Predicting chronic pain after IHR by Dr. B Todd Heniford–6:23 inguinal hernia recurrence rates–7:45 […]

Advanced Surgical Technique and Suturing

This webinar on advanced surgical techniques was developed specifically for residents and featured four expert panelists: Brandon Williams, MD (Chair); Ronald Clements, MD; Brent Matthews, MD; Mark Watson, MD Laparoscopic anastomotic techniques by Dr. Brandon Williams–2:19 LRYGB–2:26 JJ–3:10 GJ–16:44 Laparoscopic suturing & tying by Dr. Ronald Clements–32:43 overview–33:35 needle management–34 Keyword(s): abdominal wall defect, abdominal […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Advanced Laparoscopic Foregut Surgery: Tips and Tricks

This webinar on foregut surgery has been developed specifically for residents and features four expert panelists: Michael Awad, MD (Chair); Brent Matthews, MD; Michael Ujiki, MD; Melina Vassiliou, MD GERD, hiatal & PEH by Dr. Brent Matthews–5:37 HH classification–8:04 pre-op eval–11:11 Bravo pH monitoring system–15:46 esophageal impedance–17:05 trocar placement for antireflux surgery–25 Keyword(s): acellular dermis, […]

SAGES Resident Webinar: Hernia Mesh Primer: The Appropriate Use of Mesh Technology

This webinar on hernia mesh has been developed specifically for residents and features three expert panelists: Brent Matthews, MD (Chair); Yuri Novitsky, MD; Michael Rosen, MD Differentiating the characteristics of synthetic mesh, absorbable mesh & biologics by Dr. Brent D. Matthews–6:58 disclosures–7:17 citations–13:17 Keyword(s): abdominal surgery, abdominal wall defects, abdominal wall reconstruction, acellular matrix, […]

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