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V104 Two-stage Laparoscopic Approach for a Bile Duct Injury with a Two-week Biliary Peritonitis

V104 TWO-STAGE LAPAROSCOPIC APPROACH FOR A BILE DUCT INJURY WITH A TWO-WEEK BILIARY PERITONITIS Marcel Sanhueza, MD Rose Marie Mege, MD1, Eduardo Viñuela, MD1, Eduardo Briceño, MD1, Cristian Diaz, MD1, Constanza Godoy1, Gustavo Carvalho, MD, PhD2, Julian Varas, MD3, Nicolás Jarufe3, Alfonso Diaz, MD1; 1Complejo Asistencial Dr. Sotero del Rio de Chile, 2Faculty of Medical […]

V103 Repair of Large Band Slip Into a Giant Paraesophageal Hernia

V103 REPAIR OF LARGE BAND SLIP INTO A GIANT PARAESOPHAGEAL HERNIA Emily Speer, MD Christy Dunst2, Amber Shada, MD1, Kevin Reavis, MD2, Lee Swanstrom, MD2; 1Providence Portland Medical Center, 2The Oregon Clinic case hx & UGI–9 sec procedural video–30 sec UGI–6:20 Keyword(s): band slip, fundoplication, incarcerated PEH, LAGB, UGI

V102 Minimal Invasive Management of Rare Complication after Laparoscopic Type IV Paraesophageal Hernia Repair and Nissen’s Fundoplication (part I)

V102 MINIMAL INVASIVE MANAGEMENT OF RARE COMPLICATION AFTER LAPAROSCOPIC TYPE IV PARAESOPHAGEAL HERNIA REPAIR AND NISSEN’S FUNDOPLICATION (PART I) Pornthep Prathanvanich, MD, FRCST, FACS Bipan Chand, MD, FACS, FASMBS, FASGE; Loyola University Medical Center case report–9 sec CXR–21 sec CT–24 sec gastrografin swallow–42 sec management–54 sec pt positioning–1:08 port placement–1:11 procedural video–1:16 cause–2:01 decision making–3:55 […]

V101 Revisional Bariatric Surgery for a Weight Loss Failure after a Pose Procedure

V101 REVISIONAL BARIATRIC SURGERY FOR A WEIGHT LOSS FAILURE AFTER A POSE PROCEDURE Amador García Ruiz de Gordejuela Jordi Pujol Gebelli, MD, PhD1, Manoel P Galvao Neto, MD, PhD2, Carles Masdevall Noguera, MD, PhD3, Anna Casajoana Badía, MD, PhD1, Almino C Ramos, MD2; 1Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge, 2Gastro Obeso Centre, 3Clinica Diagonal. Barcelona POSE overview–16 […]

V100 Laparoscopic Toupet Fundoplication for Gerd after Poem

V100 LAPAROSCOPIC TOUPET FUNDOPLICATION FOR GERD AFTER POEM. Yulia Zak, MD Ozanan R Meireles, MD, David W Rattner, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital pt hx–3 sec procedural video–21 sec upper endoscopy–45 sec Keyword(s): achalasia, dysphagia, GEJ, GERD, laparoendoscopic myotomy, LES, POEM, PPIs, Toupet fundoplication, upper endoscopy

V099 Potential Site of Autonomic Nerve Injury during Laparoscopic Total Mesorectal Excision. a Video Demonstration Focusing on Location of Nerve Related to Surgical Exposure.

V099 POTENTIAL SITE OF AUTONOMIC NERVE INJURY DURING LAPAROSCOPIC TOTAL MESORECTAL EXCISION. A VIDEO DEMONSTRATION FOCUSING ON LOCATION OF NERVE RELATED TO SURGICAL EXPOSURE. Siripong Cheewatanakornkul, MD Anatomy–13 sec port placement–37 sec procedural video–45 sec conclusion–6:13 Keyword(s): autonomic nerve injury, autonomic nerve preservation, Denonvilliers fascia, hypogastric nerve, IMA, inferior hypogastric plexus, LAR, LTME, sacral […]

V098 Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass in Patient with Intestinal Nonrotation

V098 LAPAROSCOPIC GASTRIC BYPASS IN PATIENT WITH INTESTINAL NONROTATION Marc A Ward, MD Vivek N Prachand, MD; University of Chicago Medicine epidemiology–9 sec pathogenesis–28 sec normal development–55 sec nonrotation–1:11 case presentation–1:38 port placement–1:48 procedural video–1:56 summary–4:34 Keyword(s): appendectomy, BP limb, GJ, intestinal nonrotation, Ladds bands, LGB, Ligament of Treitz, Roux limb, RYGB

V097 Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy in a Patient with Heterotaxy Syndrome

V097 LAPAROSCOPIC SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY IN A PATIENT WITH HETEROTAXY SYNDROME Selma M Siddiqui, MD Rami E Lutfi, MD; St. Joseph Hospital CT–9 sec trocar placement–27 sec procedural video–42 sec UGI–5:17 Keyword(s): dextrocardia, endoscopy, gastric pouch, heterotaxy syndrome, LSG, situs inversus, UGI

V096 Systematic Approach to Internal Hernia Identification and Reduction in a Patient with a Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch

V096 SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO INTERNAL HERNIA IDENTIFICATION AND REDUCTION IN A PATIENT WITH A BILIOPANCREATIC DIVERSION WITH DUODENAL SWITCH Maria S Altieri, MD, MS Aurora Pryor, MD, Pamela Kim, MD, Dana A Telem, MD; Stony Brook University Hospital presentation–11 sec abdominal x-ray–31 sec CT–43 sec operative intervention–1:14 BPDDS overview–1:32 procedural video–2:08 hospital course–4:07 Keyword(s): alimentary […]

V095 a Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y after a Hepaticojejunostomy

V095 A LAPAROSCOPIC ROUX-EN-Y AFTER A HEPATICOJEJUNOSTOMY. Jason LaTowsky, MD Roger de la Torre, MD, Mark Perna, MD, Emily Cole, Medical, Student; University of Missouri Columbia Keyword(s): CBDI, CCX, gastric pouch, gastrotomy, LRYGB, RNY hepaticojejunostomy

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