Presentation Type: Procedure

V114 Ventral Hernia Repair with Component Separation Utilizing the Newest Generation Robotic Surgical System

V114 VENTRAL HERNIA REPAIR WITH COMPONENT SEPARATION UTILIZING THE NEWEST GENERATION ROBOTIC SURGICAL SYSTEM Zeljka Jutric, MD Chet Hammill, MD, MCR, FACS2; 1Providence Portland Medical Center, 2The Oregon Clinic port placement–36 sec Keyword(s): component separation, IH, mesh, robotic VHR

V113 How to Use Endoluminal Vacuum Therapy to Treat Upper Gastrointestinal Anastomotic Leaks and Perforations

V113 HOW TO USE ENDOLUMINAL VACUUM THERAPY TO TREAT UPPER GASTROINTESTINAL ANASTOMOTIC LEAKS AND PERFORATIONS Nathan Smallwood, MD Steven Leeds, MD, Js Burdick, MD; Baylor University Medical Center Dallas equipment–2:40 key steps–3:07 procedural video–3:42 methods of placement–4:15 keys to knowing where to place–6:24 keys to E-vac changes–6:42 Keyword(s): endoluminal vacuum therapy, esophageal perf, gastric perf, […]

V112 TAMIS-TME: A New Solution to an Old Problem

V112 TAMIS-TME: A NEW SOLUTION TO AN OLD PROBLEM Yasmin Halwani, MD Elena Vikis, MD, MEd, FRCSC; University of British Columbia TAMIS applications–45 sec pathology–6:11 Keyword(s): diverting loop ileostomy, hybrid approach, rectal cx, rectal tumors, sphincteroplasty, TAMIS, TME, transanal access platform, visceral obesity

V111 Laparoscopic Retroperitoneal Schwannoma Resection

V111 LAPAROSCOPIC RETROPERITONEAL SCHWANNOMA RESECTION Horacio J Asbun, MD Andres J Sosa, MD, Jorge Farell, MD, Jhon A Stauffer, MD, Steven Bowers, MD; MAYO CLINIC clinical case–8 sec workup–22 sec MRI–33 sec pt positioning & port placement–58 sec procedural video–1:07 Keyword(s): gonadal vessels, lap resection, retroperitoneal, Schwannoma

V110 Laparoscopic Repair of Peritoneopericardial Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair

V110 LAPAROSCOPIC REPAIR OF PERITONEOPERICARDIAL DIAPHRAGMATIC HERNIA REPAIR Shintaro Chiba, MD Jana Lewis, MD, Igor Brichkov, MD, Danny Sherwinter, MD; Maimonides Medical Center presentation–7 sec CXR & CT–23 sec port placement–37 sec procedural video–1:00 post-op–2:48 Keyword(s): lap repair, mesh, peritoneopericardial diaphragmatic hernia, SOB

V108 Case Report: Laparoscopic Splenopexy without Use of Mesh

V108 CASE REPORT: LAPAROSCOPIC SPLENOPEXY WITHOUT USE OF MESH Carlos Puig, MD Geoffrey Fasen, MD, Michael Kendrick, MD, David Nagorney, MD; Mayo Clinic- Rochester case hx–3 sec procedural video–21 sec CT–4:38 Keyword(s): omphalocele, splenopexy, wandering spleen

Retroperitoneal endoscopic left adrenalectomy

V109 RETROPERITONEAL ENDOSCOPIC LEFT ADRENALECTOMY Thomas Wade, MD, L Michael Brunt, MD, M Frisella, RN, BSN; Washington University in St. Louis overview–6 sec case hx–23 sec pt position–43 sec procedural video–54 sec f/u–6:44 acknowledgements–6:50 Keyword(s): adrenalectomy, knee chest position

V107 Laparoscopic Resection of a Mycotic Superior Mesenteric Artery Aneurysm

V107 LAPAROSCOPIC RESECTION OF A MYCOTIC SUPERIOR MESENTERIC ARTERY ANEURYSM William S Eubanks, MD Xuedong Xu, MD, Alicia Eubanks, Rebecca Rowen, MD, Alan Wladis, MD; Florida Hospital SMAA overview–18 sec case study–47 sec CT–1:14 procedural video–1:39 Keyword(s): lap resection, mycotic SMAA

V106 Laparoscopic Management of a Gastro-colo-cutaneous Fistula Following Peg Placement

V106 LAPAROSCOPIC MANAGEMENT OF A GASTRO-COLO-CUTANEOUS FISTULA FOLLOWING PEG PLACEMENT Zachary F Williams, MD James W Rawles III, MD, William W Hope, MD; New Hanover Regional Medical Center case–11 sec CT–38 sec complications–50 sec procedural video–1:17 Keyword(s): dx laparoscopy, gastro-colo-cutaneous fistula, lap management, PEG

V105 Hydatid Liver Cyst Laparosocpic Treatment

V105 HYDATID LIVER CYST LAPAROSOCPIC TREATMENT Pablo Jaureguiberry, MD Jorge Nefa, MD2, Sergio Bustos Navarrete, MD1, Martin Berducci, MD2, Cecilia Bustos, MD1, Jorge Bufaliza, MD2, Pablo Gomez, MD2, Pablo Omelanczuk, MD2; 2Hospital Italiano de Mendoza, 1Clinica Francesa de Mendoza case #1–7 sec MRI–30 sec procedural video–38 sec case #2–4:11 Keyword(s): bile leak, hydatid liver cyst, […]

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