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Endoscopic Right Thyroidectomy

Authors: William B Inabnet, MD; Gregg Jossart, MD; Michel Gagner, MD case presentation–14 sec Keyword(s): endoscopic thyroidectomy, FNA, thyroid scan, US

Laparoendoscopic Single Site Heller Myotomy And Anterior Fundoplication V011

SS07: Esophageal/Gastric Surgery – Sharona B Ross, M.D. disclosures–8 sec pre-op studies–44 sec UGI–53 sec motility study–1:05 procedural video–1:18 summary–6:20 Keyword(s): achalasia, anterior fundoplication, aparistalsis, dysphagia, EGD, GEJ, ileus, LESS HM, motility study, swallow study, UGI

Gastric Electric Stimulation For Severe Gastroparesis S034

SS07: Esophageal/Gastric Surgery – Steven M Yood, M.D. gastroparesis–25 sec etiology–1:14 traditional management–1:43 gastric electrical stimulation–2:56 hypothesis–3:35 inclusion criteria–3:47 gastric stimulator system–4:18 implantation–4: Keyword(s): Botox, delayed gastric emptying, endoscopy, gastrectomy, gastric electrical stimulation, gastroparesis, GT, JT, laparoscopy, laparotomy, mechanical obstruction, prokinetic agents, pyloroplasty, refractory

Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication For GERD: Early North American Results S032

SS07: Esophageal/Gastric Surgery – Sebastian Demyttenaere, M.D. intro–18 sec method–1:24 results–3:12 summary–4:48 conclusion–5:19 Keyword(s): antireflux, endoluminal therapies, EsophX, GEJ, GERD, lap Nissen, PPI

A Simplified Technique For Intrathoracic Stomach Repair: Laparoscopic Fundoplication S036

SS07: Esophageal/Gastric Surgery – Joerg Zehrtner, M.D. background–17 sec aim–46 sec methods–1:01 results–2:42 conclusion–4:08 Keyword(s): BioGlue, biologic mesh, crural reinforcement, endoscopy, esophagram, gastropexy, HH, inntrathoracic stomach repair, Nissen fundoplication, onlay, reflux, Vicryl mesh

S035 Ischaemic Conditioning Influence Fate Of The Gastric Conduit And Quality Of Life Outcomes

SS07: Esophageal/Gastric Surgery – Darmarajah Veeramootoo, M.D. MIO–20 sec gastric conduit failure–1:14 ischaemic conditioning–1:29 Keyword(s): anastomotic leak, esophageal replacement, esophagectomy, gastric conduit, ischaemic conditioning, LOGIC trial, MIO, QOL, stomach

SAGES 2008 Presidential Address

This video is from the SAGES 2008 Annual Meeting/
Surgical Spring Week Presentations April 9-12, 2008 
Pennsylvania Convention Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Presidential Address by W. Steven Eubanks, MD

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