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Single Incision Lap Nissen: It is a Single Site Wrap

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Alex Rosemurgy Keyword(s): antireflux surgery, CCX, flexible tip camera, HH, LESS surgery, multiport trocar, scarless surgery, SILC, Toupet fundoplication

Single Incision in Pediatric Surgery: Tiny Cuts for Tiny Tots

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Sanjeev Dutta SILS in children–1:28 peds considerations–2:45 umbilical prep–4:54 appy surgical technique–7:05 CCX surgical technique–7:44 splenectomy surgical technique–2:18 specimen extraction–10:54 Keyword(s): appendectomy, CCX, children, cosmesis, flexible tip camera, gastropexy, GT, infants, intestinal atresia, Ladds procedure, NOTES, ovarian cystectomy, roticulating linear stapler, SILS, single incision pediatric surgery, specimen extraction, T-fasteners, […]

Is there any Benefit? 3 Years of Experience in Urology and General Surgery

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Abhay Rane disclosures–53 sec LESS–2:01 Keyword(s): cosmesis, donor nephrectomy, e-NOTES, general surgery, GYN, laparoendoscopic single-site surgery, LESS, NOTES, R-Port, radical prostatectomy, renal surgery, robotics, single port LC, single-port-access nephrectomy, umbilical nephrectomy, urologic procedures, urology

SPA vs NOTES Debate – Complimentary or Competitive – Pro NOTES

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Jeffrey Ponsky Keyword(s): cystoscope, esophageal atresia, GJ, laparoscopy, NOTES, single site surgery, SPA, stapling devices, technology

Colon Resection: When Does the Hand Help?

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – James Fleshman, MD disclosures–16 sec hand-assisted LC advantages–21 sec disadvantages–1:27 citation–1:49 port placement–2:27 hand-assisted LC–6:46 http://www.ncbi. Keyword(s): APR, CD, colectomy, colon resection, colonoscope, CRS, diverticulitis, HALS, hand port, hand-assisted LC, LAR, learning curve, MITS, NOTES, phlegmon, polyp, proctocolectomy, sigmoidectomy, TAC

HALS Donor: Nephrectomy: Getting the Organ Out Expeditiously

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Michael Edye preop checklist–4:53 port placement–5:42 Keyword(s): Endocatch, HALS donor nephrectomy

HALS for Solid Organs: Spleen, Adrenal, and Pancreas

PG – Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques – Kent Kercher, MD disclosures–27 sec advantages of HALS–1:00 HALS for solid organ surgery–1:57 lap splenectomy–2:53 citation–8:55 lap assisted adrenalectomy–9:20 Keyword(s): adrenal, adrenalectomy, adrenocortical cx, bowel bag, cassette drape, Cook LapSac, distal pancreatectomy, donor nephrectomy, HALS, hand-assisted, hyperaldosteronism, ITP, kidney, lymphoma, pancreas, pheochromocytoma, radical nephrectomy, solid organ surgery, spleen, […]

S063 – Endoscopic Endolumenal Radiofrequency Ablation of Barrett's Esophagus

SS012 – Vic Velanovich, MD, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit Michigan disclosures–14 sec objectives–27 sec intro–40 sec BARRx–1:11 method–2:11 results–5:05 conclusion–7:54 Q&A session–9:00 Keyword(s): BARRx, BE, carafate, endoluminal RFA, esophageal cx, esophageal manometry, esophageal strictures, esophagectomy, EUS, HALO, HGD, Mucomyst, Nissen fundoplication, pH monitoring, PPI, reflux, two-stage procedure, Tylenol #3, upper endoscopy

S062- Severe Complications After Double Balloon Enteroscopy

SS12 – Gary Weissenfluh, Md, Hohn Morton, MD, Stanford Department of Surgery Keyword(s): capsule endoscopy, colonoscopy, complications, DBE, EGD, laparoscopy, lysis of adhesions, overtube, perforation, push enteroscopy, small bowel disease, therapeutic endoscopy

S061 – Laparoscopic Assisted Endolumenal Surgery: A Steping Stone to NOTES

SS012: S Mohiuddin, Doj J Gonzalez, MD, G Portillo, MD, M E Franklin, MD, Texas Endosurgery Institute Keyword(s): drainage procedures, endoscopy, intraluminal lesions, intraluminal obstruction, lap assisted endolumenal surgery, laparoscopy, LCBDE, NOTES, pancreatic pseudocyst, polyps

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