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Unintended Stray Energy from the Monopolar Instrument: Beware of the Dispersive Electrode Cord

UNINTENDED STRAY ENERGY FROM THE MONOPOLAR INSTRUMENT BEWARE OF THE DISPERSIVE ELECTRODE CORD Nicole T Townsend, MD Nicole Nadlonek, MD1, Edward L Jones, MD, MPH2, Gregory V Stiegmann, MD1, Thomas N Robinson, MD1; 1University of Colorado, 2Ohio State University antenna coupling–39 sec hypothesis–1:36 methods–2:00 results–2:11 low risk lap set-up–3:50 what you can do–4:14 Q&A session–4:40 […]

Use Of Avatars In Training And Simulation

Use Of Avatars In Training And Simulation Albert “Skip” Rizzo, PhD overview–1:12 medVR lab–1:38 virtual humans hx–3:45 exposure therapy–4:38 addiction tx–5:22 intelligent VR agents–7:03 problems to be solved–12:45 SimCoach–13:12 present & future–15:35 Keyword(s): addiction tx, authoring kit, avitars, Bravemind, diagnostic interviews, exposure therapy, intelligent VR agents, MedVR lab, patient toolkit, PTSD, SimCoach, simulation training, […]

Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance Telerobotic Actions

Will Artificial Intelligence Enhance Telerobotic Actions Timothy Broderick, MD disclosures–1:00 definitions–1:50 projected advanced in robotic surgery–3:38 DARPA–4:30 daVinci classic telesurgery–7:05 NEEMO 9 robotic telesurgery–7:48 NEEMO 12 automated robotic telesurgery–9:22 DARPA trauma pod–9:57 technology focus areas–12:12 game changers–12:55 clinical robotic telesurgery–13:10 citations–13:39 Keyword(s): artificial intelligence, automation, casualty care, da Vinci, DARPA, industry, innovation, NEEMO […]

Primary Fascial Closure with Mesh Placement during Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair: A Risk-Adjusted Comparative Study

PRIMARY FASCIAL CLOSURE WITH MESH PLACEMENT DURING LAPAROSCOPIC VENTRAL HERNIA REPAIR: A RISK-ADJUSTED COMPARATIVE STUDY J E Wennergren, MD E P Akenasy, MD2, J A Greenberg, MD3, J L Holihan, MD4, J Keith, MD5, M K Liang, MD4, R G Martindale, MD6, M A Plymale, MSN, RN1, J S Roth, MD1; 1University of Kentucky, 2Baylor […]

RADM Ben Eiseman, MD Lecture contd

RADM Ben Eiseman, MD Lecture contd CAPT (ret) Peter Rhee, MD type of IV fluid–13:37 damage control resuscitation–14:14 citation–14:28 citation–15:16 combat casualty algorithm–16:02 walking blood bank–17:03 citation–21:18 active hemostatics–21:38 Hartford Consensus III–21:48 damage control–23:08 citation–23:22 bogota bag–24:59 citation–26:00 how to hurt a bleeding pt–26:10 citation–27:46 pigtail catheter–28:33 […]

Resident Participation in Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: A Comparison of Outcomes from the ACS NSQIP Database

RESIDENT PARTICIPATION IN LAPAROSCOPIC ROUX-EN-Y GASTRIC BYPASS: A COMPARISON OF OUTCOMES FROM THE ACS NSQIP DATABASE Laura Doyon, MD Alejandro Moreno-Koehler, MPH2, Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD, FACS1; 1Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, 2Tufts University School of Medicine background–45 sec citation–1:46 methods–2:48 demographics–3:10 results–3:41 conclusion–5:14 Q&A session–6:16 Keyword(s): ABS, ACS, complication rates, FSF, hospital reimbursement, LRYGB, […]

Robotic vs. Laparoscopic Rectal Resection for Rectal Adenocarcinoma: A Nationwide Analysis of Surgical Outcomes

ROBOTIC VS. LAPAROSCOPIC RECTAL RESECTION FOR RECTAL ADENOCARCINOMA – A NATIONWIDE ANALYSIS OF SURGICAL OUTCOMES Pragatheeshwar Thirun Emmanuel Gabriel, Steven J Nurkin; Roswell Park Cancer Institute background–43 sec objective–1:19 method–1:28 results–2:21 conclusion–6:13 Q&A session–7:24 Keyword(s): APR, conversion rate, lap approach, minimally invasive, NCDB, neoadjuvant therapy, rectal adenocarcinoma, robotic rectal resection, selection bias, surgeon experience, surgical […]

Roux-en-Y Fistulo-Jejunostomy As a Salvage Procedure in Patients with Post-sleeve Gastrectomy Fistula Mid Term Results

ROUX-EN-Y FISTULO-JEJUNOSTOMY AS A SALVAGE PROCEDURE IN PATIENTS WITH POST-SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY FISTULA MID TERM RESULTS Elie K Chouillard, MD, PhD Salman Al Sabah, MD2, Antoine Younan, MD3, Georges Khoury, MD4, René Louis Vitte, MD1; 1Paris Poissy Medical Center, 2Amiri Hospital, Kuwait City, 3Bellevue Medical Center, Beirut, 4Rizk Hospital, Beirut post SG fistula–48 sec citation–1:17 […]

Simulation for Training

Simulation for Training Col Robert Rush, MD cycle of the military surgeon–7:28 re-entry vs transition–12:35 survey needs assessment–14:21 technical skills–15:21 SANDL-S–16:05 procedures on lapVR–17:13 LC–18:09 cognitive skills–18:46 what can be done?–19:19 post deployment refresher training options–24:18 telemedicine–24:57 tele-conferencing–26:02 tele-consultation–26:33 SAGES project 6 telementoring task force–26:58 tele-simulation–28:13 Keyword(s): ACS, Army CSC, da Vinci link, FES, […]

Single-stage Revision from Gastric Band to Gastric Bypass Or Sleeve Gastrectomy: Six-Month and Twelve-Month Outcomes

SINGLE-STAGE REVISION FROM GASTRIC BAND TO GASTRIC BYPASS OR SLEEVE GASTRECTOMY: SIX-MONTH AND TWELVE- MONTH OUTCOMES Louise Yeung, MD Brandice Durkan, MD1, Allison Barrett, MD2, Scott Cunneen, MD, FACS1, Edward Phillips, MD, FACS1, Miguel Burch, MD, FACS1; 1Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, 2Long Island Jewish Medical Center objective–1:20 method–1:46 baseline characteristics–2:02 conclusion–5:45 Q&A session–6:27 Keyword(s): GBP, LAGB, […]