Learning Theme: Robotics

Robotic Versus Laparoscopic-Assisted Intersphincteric Resection for Low Rectal Cancer

Presented by Soo Yeun Park, MD – SAGES Session SS12: Plenary 1- S067 intro–2:15 aim–4:02 method–4:14 results–6:05 summary–10:34 conclusion–11:05 Q&A session–11:34 Keyword(s): anal verge, rectal cx, robotic-assisted ISR, stapled anastomosis, urinary function

The TME Specimen as a Guide for Laparoscopicand Robotic Quality Assessment

Maher Abbas, MD – SAGES/ASCRS Current Controversies during Colorectal Surgery century of progress–35 sec citations–2:17 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/2425199 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3184105 oncologic outcome–3:33 impact of radia Keyword(s): ACOSOG, CRT, LAR, LE, mesorectum, quality assessment, rectal cx, robotic pursestring, single-stage, TEM, TME

Robotic Assisted Single Incision Transgastric Resection of 5 Centimeter Gastric Mass

Presented by Luca Giordano, MD FACS, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V061 disclosures–17 sec case hx–1:02 CT–1:22 factors favoring transgastric tumor resection–1:29 procedural video–1:56 post-op course–8:35 Q&A session–8:54 Keyword(s): EGD, gastric mass, robotic-assisted, single incision, transgastric resection, wound protector

Robotic Assisted Ultralow Anterior Resection with Colonic J Pouch-Anal Anastomosisis

Presented by Celeste Kang, MD, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V060 case hx–20 sec procedural video–46 sec Keyword(s): colonic J-pouch anal-anastomosis, da Vinci, diverting loop ileostomy, lithotomy, rectal tumor, robotic-assisted anterior resection

The Use of Fluorescence in Robotic Adrenalectomy for Pheochromocytoma

Presented by Luca Milone, MD PhD, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V059 case hx–31 sec MRI–1:21 trocar placement–1:37 procedural video–2:02 post-op course–4:37 conclusion–5:06 Q&A session–5:29 Keyword(s): fluorescence, ICG, pheochromocytoma, robotic adrenalectomy

Resident Education in Robotic Surgery: Bridging The Gap with Surgical Robot in Robotic Proctectomy

Presented by Brian Bello, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V058 overview–41 sec case presentation–1:30 procedural video–2:13 operation–6:38 post-op–6:59 conclusion–7:09 Q&A session–7:41 Keyword(s): da Vinci Si surgical system, dual console surgical robot system, mentorship, modified lithotomy, peg transfer, proctoring, resident education, robotic proctectomy, robotic surgery, simulation, urologists

Single Quadrant Robotically Assisted Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

Presented by Nicholas M Brown, MD, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V057 disclosures–4 sec port placement–7 sec procedural video–38 sec Q&A session–8:07 Keyword(s): end-to-end anastomosis, gastric pouch, JJ, Petersens defect, robotic-assisted RYGB, seamguard

Laparoscopic Assisted Robotic Esophagectomy

Presented by Alisa M Coker, MD, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V056 disclosures–12 sec hx–16 sec port placement–50 sec procedural video–1:17 Q&A session–8:31 Keyword(s): dysphagia, endoscopy, EUS, invasive adenocarcinoma, lap assisted robotic esophagectomy, LN harvest, neoadjuvant therapy

Robotic Assisted Total Colectomy with Transrectal Extraction – Single Docking

Presented by Takayuki Dotai, MD, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V055 case hx–18 sec port placement–1:06 procedural video–1:19 post-op course–7:05 conclusion–7:12 Q&A session–7:32 Keyword(s): ileum, oophorectomy, ovarian cx, robot assisted total colectomy, single docking, split leg, transrectal extraction, transverse colon

Robotic Assisted Single Incision Laparoscopic Total Extraperitoneal Bilateral Inguinal Hernia Repair

Presented by Luca Giordano, MD FACS, SS24 – Videos – Robotics: V054 disclosures–7 sec case hx–40 sec procedural video–55 sec post-op course–8:16 Q&A session–8:37 Keyword(s): IHR, mesh, robotic-assisted single incision, TEP

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