Learning Theme: Biliary

Laparoscopic Left Hepaticogastrostomy for Malignant Biliary Obstruction

Authors: Michel Gagner, MD; G Soulez; G Deslandres; Alfons Pomp, MD Keyword(s): biliary obstruction, esophageal varices, fluoroscopy, gastric varices, hepaticogastrostomy, jaundice, PEG, snare, US

Choledocholithiasis Found at Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: An Alternative Technique

Authors: R Fitzgibbons Jr, MD, FACS; B Litke; R Annibal lap techniques for tx of CBDS–1:01 techniques used to remove CBDS–1:46 Keyword(s): balloon catheter, balloon extraction, basket extraction, biliary colic, CBDS, choledocholithiasis, choledochoscope, endoscopic sphincterotomy, fluoroscopy, guidewire, IOC, LC, LCBDE, stone extraction, transcystic approach

Laparoscopic Extraction of Complicated Hydatid Cyst Liver with Biliary Rupture

Author: C Palanivelu Keyword(s): biliary rupture, hydatid liver cyst, T-tube

Hepaobiliary Pathology due to Ascaris Lumbricoides

Author: Ruben Asutdillo Molina, MD Keyword(s): ascaris lumbricoides, CCX, HPB

Joint Radio-Endoscopic Reconstruction of Common Bile Duct Transection Following Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Authors: A Montori; M Gasparrini Keyword(s): CBD transection, cholangiography, ERCP, LC, radio-endoscopic CBD reconstruction

Laparoscopic Choledochotomy and Choledochoscopy for Choledocholithiasis at Cholecystectomy

Author: RH Jago Keyword(s): CCX, cholangiogram, choledocholithiasis, choledochoscopy, choledochotomy, LC, US

Laparoscopic Treatment of Bile Duct Stones by Transcystic Sphincter Dilatation

Authors: JC Ruiz de Adana; R Calo Keyword(s): cholangiography, choledocholithiasis, Fogarty catheter, IR, lap tx, LC, LCBDE, Sphincter of Oddi, symptomatic cholelithiasis, transcystic sphincter dilatation

Laparoscopic Choledochoduodenostomy

Author: Michael Edye, FRACS port placement–51 sec procedural video–1:18 Keyword(s): cholangiography, choledochoduodenostomy, diverticulum, Dormier basket, ERCP, Fogarty balloon, ileus, IOC, lithotripsy, obstructive jaundice, sonogram, sphincterotomy

Robotic choledochojejunostomy with intracorporeal Roux-en-Y anastomosis

Author: Geoffrey P. Kohn port placement–6 sec Keyword(s): da Vinici robot, handsewn side-to-side anastomosis, intracorporeal anastomosis, JJ, JP drain, RNY, robotic choledochojejunostomy

Transgastric Adrenalectomy in a Survived Porcine Model After Transgastric Cholecystectomy

Authors: Stefano Sereno, MD; A. Forgione, MD; M. Simone, MD; A. Alzharani, MD; S. Perretta, MD; B. Dallemagne, MD; J. Marescaux, MD; FRCS, FACS Keyword(s): endoscopic snare, endoscopy, exploratory laparoscopy, gastrotomy, porcine model, transgastric adrenalectomy, transgastric CCX

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