Video Institution: Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center--Columbus OH

Minimalist surgery: single port access for Crohns disease

Presented by Daniel P. Geisler, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ISLCRS Panel: IBD IBD clinic–39 sec surgery for IBD–1:10 Dr. Vic Fazio–1:43 surgical management–1:55 advances in surgery–2:54 strictureplasty–3:20 colitis: Keyword(s): 3 trocar technique, 5 mm Olympus EndoEye, abdominal trauma, albumin, anastomotic healing, biologics, bladder, bleeding, blood loss, bowel, camera, CD, colitis, colon, […]

Update on endolumenal bariatric surgery (primary and revisional surgery)

Presented by Dean J. Mikami, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting; SAGES/ASMBS – Innovative Bariatric Procedures disclosures–24 sec primary procedures–53 sec balloon overview–1:15 meta-analysis of BIB data–1:32 SPATZ–2:12 duodenal-jejunal bypass sleeve- Keyword(s): adverse events, AGB, anchoring device, Apollo Endosurgery, appetite, ASMBS, BIB, BMI, case series, cecum, clipping devices, comorbidities, conscious sedation, cost-effective outcomes, […]

Panel Discussion – CBD Stones

Presented by Jeffrey W. Hazey, MD and Joseph Petelin, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting: Pre-, Intra-, Post-Operative Management of CBD Stones Keyword(s): advanced endoscopy training, algorithm, CBDS management, CDE, cholangiogram, cholecystectomy, common duct, common hepatic duct compression, consultant, CT, ER docs, ER workup, EUS, expectant management, gastroenterologists, GB, HIDA, IOC, junior faculty, LC, […]

Cost analysis – What is the most cost effective way to manage CBDS

Presented by Jeffrey W. Hazey, MD at the SAGES 2013 Annual Meeting Pre-, Intra-, Post-Operative Management of CBD Stones disclosures–25 sec the problem–30 sec strategies–34 sec endoscopic strategies–53 sec operative strategies–1:34 sec lasers–1:41 evaluation of techniques–2:04 value equation–2:10 CBDS su Keyword(s): American Board of Surgery, Annals of Surgery, Applied Health Economics & Health Policy, bile […]

Gastroenterologist and EUS

Presented by Jon P Walker, MD at the 2013 SAGES Annual Meeting Pre-, Intra-, Post-Operative Management of CBD Stones overview–1:02 EUS FNA–6:43 benefits of EUS–7:56 drawbacks–8:57 accuracy for biliary pathology–10:31 microlithiasis–12:48 Keyword(s): 19G needle, 25G needle, abnormal anatomy, adenocarcinoma, alk phos, ALT, American Journal of Gastroenterology, ampulla, ampullary lesions, AST, bifurcation, bile duct, […]

Multivariate Analysis Of Risk Factors For Wound Infection After Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

S053 – Joe Drosdeck, MD, Syed Husain, MBBS, Nilay Shah, MD, Andrew Suzo, BS, Alan Harzman, MD, Mark Arnold, MD background–18 sec objectives–48 sec methods–1:05 conclusion–4:40 limitations–4:55 Q&A session–5:16 Keyword(s): abscess, biologics, COPD, CRS, extraction site, fistulas, hand assistance, IBD, IH, immunosuppressants, intracorporeal anastomosis, LCS, midline incision, multivariate analysis, Pfannenstiel, SSI, steroids

Single Port in Colorectal Surgery

Presented by Daniel Geisler, MD at the SAGES/ISLCRS – MIS Colorectal – Post Graduate Course acknowledgements–25 sec eNOTES–1:16 case report–1:29 SILS–1:42 instruments–3:19 SILS experience–3:39 procedural video–4:25 SILS advantages–7:56 SILS right colectomy–9:17 Keyword(s): colectomy, cosmesis, Covidien SILS port, HALS, IPAA, J pouch, JACS, LAR, Ligasure V, Olympus EndoEye, rectopexy, restorative proctocolectomy, SILC, SILS, single incision […]

2013 Gerald Marks Lecture: A Blueprint for Quality and Patient Safety in an Era of Innovation

Presented by E. Christopher Ellison, MD, FACS objectives–4:44 citation–23:38 Keyword(s): ACS, chart review, clinical performance, emerging surgical technologies, Gerald Marks lecture, hand washing, innovation, NSQIP, pt safety, SCIP, SSI

SAGES Top 21 Videos: Upper Endoscopy

Dean Mikami, MD disclosures–1:39 indications–1:44 diagnostic–2:23 surveillance–3:01 therapeutic–3:49 pre-procedural planning–5:26 sedation–6:04 upper endoscopy–6:48 components–6:58 set up–7:54 pt Keyword(s): ABXs, achalasia, balloon dilation, Coumadin, EGD, endoscope, Fentanyl, flex sig, fluoroscopy, foreign body, GA, GERD, GI bleeding, H&P, morbid obese, Olympus, OSA, PEG, perf, Plavix, polyps, RYGB, sclerotherapy, sedation, strictures, upper endoscopy, Versed

PG Fundamental Use of Surgical Energy (FUSE): Bipolar Devices – Old and New

Dean Mikami, MD disclosures–1:48 frequency–2:35 monopolar–2:46 bipolar–2:59 mushroom effect–3:59 bypass–4:47 limitations of traditional bipolar–15:15 modern bipolar technology–5:58 mechanisms–6:34 d Keyword(s): active electrode, BEST, bipolar, blood sealing vessel devices, capacitance, coaptation, dispersive electrode, electrosurgery, impedence, monopolar, pacemaker, RF, surgical energy, technology, thermal spread, tissue dessication, ultrasonic device

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