Video Institution: John Hopkins University School Of Medicine--Baltimore MD

SAGES Magical Mystery Tour

SAGES 2014-2015 President, L. Michael Brunt, MD gives the Presidential Address at the SAGES 2015 Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN Points of interest: Dr. Brunt begins his lecture–4:40 Acknowledgements–8:15 1989 SAGES board–9:35 Train the Trainer courses–11:16 sentinel evenT in the life of SAGES–14:11 another sentinel Keyword(s): 10,000 hour rule, 6 step program, aberrant anatomy, abstract, […]

Novel Combined Vats/laparoscopic Approach for Giant and Complicated Paraesophageal Hernia Repair

NOVEL COMBINED VATS/LAPAROSCOPIC APPROACH FOR GIANT AND COMPLICATED PARAESOPHAGEAL HERNIA REPAIR: DESCRIPTION OF TECHNIQUE AND EARLY RESULTS Presented by Daniela Molena at the SAGES 2014 Meeting; Panel – Concurrent session SS2 Video 1 Daniela Molena, MD, Benedetto Mungo, MD, Miloslawa Stem, MS, Anne O Lidor, MD, MPH; Johns Hopkins Medicine Points of interest: CT of […]

Thromboprophylaxis | Perioperative Consideration

Presented by Michael Schweitzer, MD | SAGES 2013 Bariatric Postgraduate Course: What Every Safe Surgeon Needs to Know About Bariatric Surgery disclosures–34 sec silent DVT–47 sec Virchow’s triad–1:34 pneumoperitoneum reduces femoral venous flow–1:45 advantages of lap vs open surgery– Keyword(s): AGB, anti-factor Xa, ASMBS, bariatric outcomes longitudinal database, bariatric surgery, BCBS database, BCOE, BMI, […]


Amit Kaul, MD LIHR–33 sec alternatives–59 sec aim–1:54 conclusion–4:22 acknowledgements–4:49 Q&A session–4:57 Keyword(s): chronic pain, fibrin glue fixation, LIHR, LW mesh, mesh fixation, polypropylene mesh, seroma, staples, tacks, TEP

Video Symposium: Fear During the Routine Lap Chole – The Bile Duct Might Be/Is Injured

Fear During the Routine Lap Chole – The Bile Duct Might Be/Is Injured: Michael Marohn, M.D. steady rate BDI rate–1:08 lessons learned–1:35 danger cues–2:46 IOCs–4:20 the best BDI repair–4:39 best timing of BDI repair–5:56 http://www.ncbi Keyword(s): abscess, BDI, biliary leak, IOC, LC, RNY hepaticojejunostomy, sepsis

P020: Omer Nasir, MD

Scientific Session Concurrent Sessions: Posters of Distinction Keyword(s): aminosalicylates therapy, CRC risk reduction, IBD

Minimally Invasive Thyroidectomy with Intra-Operative Nerve Monitoring: Allan Dackiw, M.D.

MIS and Cancer Endocrine/Solid Organ Postgraduate Course citations–10 sec laryngeal nerve anatomy–1:00 citation–2:13 http://www.n Keyword(s): ELN, EMG, endoscopic thyroidectomy, GlideScope, goiter, intra-op nerve monitoring, Medtronic NIM, medullary thyroid cx, minimally invasive thyroidectomy, nerve palsy, neurophysiology testing, neuropraxia, Neurovision Medical, NOTES, parathyroidectomy, radiculopathy, reoperative thyroid surgery, RLN injury, robotic surgery, video-assisted thyroidectomy, vocal cord […]

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