Video Institution: Geisinger Medical Center--Danville PA

Intragastric Endoscopically Guided Pancreatic Cyst-gastrostomy & Necrosectomy

Presented by Ryan D Horsley at the SS07: MIS mixed bag Session during the SAGES 2016 Annual Meeting.

V052 Emergent Laparoscopic Paraesophageal Hernia Repair

V052 EMERGENT LAPAROSCOPIC PARAESOPHAGEAL HERNIA REPAIR Piotr Krecioch, MD Thomas Shin, MD, William Strodel III, MD, Jon Gabrielsen, MD, Anthony Petrick, MD; Geisinger Medical Center H&P–2 sec x-ray–14 sec CT–27 sec surgery–35 sec procedural video–44 sec hospital course–6:13 Keyword(s): hiatal hernia, JT, omental patch, PEHR, total gastrectomy

Pyloroplasty Revisited: A Highly Effective Treatment for Gastroparesis

PYLOROPLASTY REVISITED A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR GASTROPARESIS Thomas W Shin, MD Piotr Krecioch, MD, James T Dove, Marie Hunsinger, RN, Matthew E Plank, PAC, Jon Gabrielsen, MD, Anthony T Petrick, MD background–24 sec’ design–1:52 results–2:34 Q&A session–3:28 Keyword(s): Botox, diet modification, gastric emptying, gastric pacemaker, gastroparesis, Nissen fundoplication, pyloroplasty

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