Video Category: Unexpected Intraoperative Findings Session

Leaking Anastomosis/Severe Pelvic Side-Wall Inflammation

Peter Marcello/Unexpected Intraoperative Findings Session

Intrabdominal Hemorrhage

B. Todd Heniford Keyword(s): argon beam coagulator, conversion, CRNA, DVT prophylaxis, Evicel, fibrin glue, gelatin, hand-assist, hemorrhage, hemostatic agents, Lapra-Ty, lymphoma, pledget, Surgicel, tamponade

Short Esophagus/Reoperative Esophagus

Blair Jobe/Unexpected Intraoperative Findings Session Keyword(s): ABX, antireflux surgery, bailout procedure, bean bag, bronchiolitis obliterans, Collis gastroplasty, cough, Decadron, esophagectomy, esophagitis, esophagram, feeding jejunostomy, GERD, Hill repair, impedance pH, LMWH, malnutrition, manometry, pancreatic insufficiency, PPI, redo fundoplication, SCD, Scopalamine patch, short esophagus, transhiatal dissection, UE, vagal nerve tethering, Zofran

Esophageal Perforation During Nissen Fundoplication

Yuri Novitsky, MD / Unexpected Intraoperative Findings Session Keyword(s): esophageal perf, fundoplication, GERD, lap repair, leak test, reflux disease, Type III HH

Introduction/Infected Mesh and Severe Adhesions in Reop Ventral Hernia

Nat Soper / Alfredo Carbonell Keyword(s): abdominal surgery, ECF, enterotomy, Foley catheter, infected mesh, lysis of adhesions, op note, polyester mesh, polypropylene mesh, reoperative VH

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