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Thoracoscopic Resection of Giant Mediastinal Parathyroid Tumor

Presented by Shalini Reddy, MD SS21 Videos Solid Organ and Foregut: V049 hx–11 sec sestamibi scan–33 sec MRI–37 sec procedural video–50 sec post-op course–6:50 Q&A session–7:54 Keyword(s): mediastinal parathyroid tumor, PTH, RLN, sestamibi scan, thoracoscopic resection

Feasibility Of Two-Incision Approach For Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Lobectomy

Presented by Hyun Koo Kim SS21 – Videos Solid Organ and Foregut: V046 Keyword(s): lung cx, VAT lobectomy

Laparoscopic Ligation of Lumbar Arteries: Management of Persistent Type II Aortic Endoleaks

Authors: G. Brent Sorensen, MD; William D. Jordan, MD; Ronald H. Clements, MD Keyword(s): AAA, CT angiogram, EVAR, lap management, lumbar artery ligation, Type II aortic endoleak

Total Thoracoscopic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis: a new approach

Authors: Shashank Shah, MD; S. S. Bhalerao, MD; Jayshree Todkar, MD; Prasanna Yawlkar, MD Keyword(s): MG, thoracoscopic thymectomy

Thorascopic Treatment of Trapped Lung Syndrome Secondary to Traumatic Hemothorax

Authors: D Ciraulo; JD Woody; DE Barker Keyword(s): 40 Fr chest tube, chest injuries, decortication, double lumen ET tube, minimally invasive approach, pleural effusion, pneumolysis, pulmonary contusion, thoracic trauma, thoracoscopic tx, thoracotomy, trapped lung syndrome, traumatic hemothorax, traumatic pneumothorax

Thoracoscopy for Pleurodesis

Authors: Mark O. Jenssen, MD, FACS; David R. Antonenko, MD, PhD, FACS indications for pleurodesis–31 sec operative prep–1:15 surface anatomy–1:52 thoracic access–3:01 procedural video–3:22 Keyword(s): argon beam coagulator, chest tube, holmium yag laser, pleural effusions, pleurodesis, spontaneous pneumothorax, Tetracycline, thoracoscopy, thoracotomy

Thoracoscopic Treatment of Giant Bilateral Pulmonary Bullae

Authors: L Angelini; M Lirici narration unavailable Keyword(s): pulmonary bulllae, spirometry, thoracoscopic tx, thoracoscopy

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