Video Category: Starting Your Career Symposium

Starting Your Career: Setting Goals and Developing a Plan: The First Five Years in Practice

Melina Vassiliou, MD; Q and A – All participants disclosures–1:53 burnout–3:34 success–7:11 expertise & mastery–7:53 mentors–10:07 motivation–12:47 survival skills–14:34 summary–15:38 Q&A session–16:45 Keyword(s): burnout, career, mentor, RVU

Starting Your Career: The Top 10 Pitfalls to Avoid When Beginning Your Career in Surgery

Brent Matthews, MD disclosures–1:28 resources–1:47 tragedy of potential–3:44 Keyword(s): academic surgeon, leadership, membership, pitfalls, privileges, professional behavior, PubMed, quality measurements, surgical career

Starting Your Career: Critical Components of Negotiation

Adrian Park, MD background–56 sec styles of negotiation–2:54 positional bargaining–4:25 principled bargaining–5:42 negotiation process–7:16 everything is negotiable–9:49 contract negotiation–11:09 non c Keyword(s): AAMC, compensation, contract negotiation, lawyer, malpractice, MGMA, quality measures, relocation assistance, restrictive covenant, RVU, signing bonus

Starting Your Career: What are the Characteristics of a Healthy Environment?

Julie Fuchs, MD; introduction – Blair A. Jobe, MD define what you want–2:32 prototypes–3:12 find your balance–4:49 healthy environment eval–7:21 logistics–10:06 mentorship–11:58 revisit your plan–13:56 conclusion–14:55 Keyword(s): academic surgery, career satisfaction, clinician, mentorship, research, RVU

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