Video Category: SS13: Obesity II

A Call To Arms: Obese Men With More Severe Comorbidities Of Obesity And Under Utilization Of Bariatr

S086 – Gina N Farinholt, MD, Aaron D Carr, MD, Mohamed R Ali, MD citations–35 sec purpose–40 sec results–1:41 discussion–3:3 Keyword(s): Annals of Surgery, AORC scale, bariatric surgery, BMI, DM, GB, JAMA, M&M, males, metabolic syndrome, NEJM, NHANES, obesity, OSA, SOARD, socioeconomic status

Gastric Band Erosion: Diagnostic And Treatment Alternatives

S088 – Rodrigo Gonzalez, MD, Edwin Bran, MD, Fernando Montufar, MD background–19 sec aim–1:08 methods–1:22 conclusion–6:13 Q&A session–7:04 Keyword(s): abdominal wall, abdominal x-ray, access port, adhesions, CT, endoscopic band removal, endoscopy, gastric band erosion, gastric perf, gastro-gastric plication, gastrotomy, leak test, omental patch, pars flaccida technique, port site infection, UGI, US

Revisional Weight Loss Surgery After Failed Laparoscopic Gastric Banding: An Institutional Experienc

S085 – Tung T Tran, MD, MSc, Vinay Singhal, MD, Ryan Juza, MD, Eric Pauli, MD, Jerome Lyn-Sue, MD, Randy Haluck, MD, Ann Rogers, MD background–14 sec objective–1:10 methods–1:22 results–1:51 summary–4:34 Q&A session–4:58 Keyword(s): dysphagia, esophageal motility, EWL, LAGB, LRYGB, LSG, motility studies, one stage procedure, prolapse, reoperation, RWLS, two stage procedure

Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication For Morbidly Obese Patients: Early Experience Of Alexandria

S087 – Mohamed Sharaan, MD, Khaled Katry, MD, Tamer Abdelbaki, MS why LGCP?–23 sec citation–2:21 procedural video–3:25 results–5:16 CT of fundic herniation–7:05 modification of LGCP sutures–7:36 conclusio Keyword(s): angle of His, Annals of Surgery Innovation & Research, CT, devascularization, EWL, FDA, fundic herniation, fundus, gastric herniation, greater curvature, intragastric pressure, lap band, lap partial […]

Laparoscopic esophagojejunostomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction for chronic fistula following sleeve

Fredrick Che, MD, Christopher S Armstrong, MD, FRCSC, Ninh T Nguyen, MD, FACS case summary–10 sec UGI–1:16 procedural video–1:27 Keyword(s): endoscopic stent, fistula, lap EJ, obstruction, RNY reconstruction, SG, staple line leak, UGI

Concomitant Weight Loss Surgery and Definitive Hernia Repair

Ainsley B Freshour, MD, Sunil Sharma, MD pt presentation–27 sec procedural video–45 sec periop details–4:13 Keyword(s): Bougie, DM, gastric outlet obstruction, gastroscope, gastroscopy, hernia reduction, hernia repair, imbrication, incarcerated ventral hernia, liquid diet, mesh, morbidly obese, ProTack, recurrence rates, restrictive weight loss surgery, swallow study, UGI, umbilical hernia repair

Laparoscopic revision of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass for the treatment of a complex gastro-gastric fist

Axel F Beskow, MD, Agustin Duro, MD, Roberto E Remolo, MD, Alfredo Amenabar, MD, Fernando G Wright, MD, Demetrio Cavadas, MD pt info–8 sec procedural video–41 sec Keyword(s): alimentary limb, Bougie, EGD, gastric pouch, gastric remnant, gastro-gastric fistula, GEJ, jejunojejunostomy, lap revision, ORYGB, reoperation, RNYGB, UGI

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