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Laparoscopic Band and Gastric Imbrication (ILAP)

Presented by Armando Ramirez, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V012 disclosures–15 sec iLAP–20 sec surgical weight loss options & shortcomings–35 sec iLAP technique–1:00 iLAP potential advantages–1:26 procedural video–2:04 procedure recommendations–7:07 Keyword(s): band erosion, band slippage, early satiety, iLAP, IRB, RNYGB, SG, weight loss

Revision Of Roux Y Gastric Bypass for Distal Esophageal Stenosis

Presented by Daniel Moon, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V011 case hx–33 sec procedural video–1:08 Keyword(s): endoscopy, esophageal stenosis, gastric pouch, GEJ, GJ, RNYGB, staple line leak

Revision Of Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass to Sleeve Gastrectomy for Reactive Hypoglycemia

Presented by Benjamin Shadle, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V010 case hx–35 sec procedural video–1:52 Q&A session–9:29 Keyword(s): endoscopy, gastric emptying, gastric pouch, GG, GT, leak test, oral glucose tolerance test, pylorus, reactive hypoglycemia, remnant stomach, retrocolic Roux limb, RNYGB, SG

Complete Endoscopic/Transgastric Retrieval of Eroded Gastric Band

Presented by Kevin M El-Hayek, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V009 background–50 sec pt hx–1:27 pre-op EGD–1:57 procedural video–2:20 post-op UGI–5:39 pt course–5:54 conclusion–6:10 Q&A session–6:43 Keyword(s): band erosion, buckle, EGD, endoscopic retrieval, gastric band, gastrostomy, GT, LAGB, Malecot, PEG, snare, T-fasteners, transgastric retrieval, UGI

Laparoscopic Revision of Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

Presented by Andre Teixeira, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V008 HPI–35 sec pre-op workup–1:09 op findings–1:46 procedural video–1:56 Q&A session–7:14 Keyword(s): BMI, EGD, gastrectomy, gastric pouch, GG fistula, GJ anastomosis, HH, lap revision, marginal ulcer, RYGBP, UGI, weight loss

Endoscopic Treatment of Gastric Leak Following Sleeve Gastrectomy

Presented by Alisa M Coker, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V006 case report–1:32 procedural video–1:34 Q&A session–8:54 Keyword(s): GERD, GJ, HH, LAGB, lap conversion, linear stapler, LRYGB, side-to-side anastomosis, staple line reinforcement, weight loss

The Use of a T-Tube To Manage Leak after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Presented by Matthew Y Lin, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V005 gastric sleeve leak–59 sec case report–1:06 port placement–1:25 procedural video–1:35 UGI–2:00 etiology of leaks–2:26 T-tube–3:08 pt summary–4:36 conclusion–5:15 Q&A session–5:42 Keyword(s): drain, fistula, free air, fundus, gastric sleeve leak, guidewire, hematemesis, IR, LSG, methylene blue, staple line, stent, swallow study, T-tube, UGI

Laparoscopic Repair of Hiatal Hernia with Dor Fundoplication after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Presented by Andre Teixeira, MD MBA MPH, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V004 HPI–45 sec UGI–1:27 intra-op findings–1:32 procedural video–1:34 Q&A session–5:17 Keyword(s): BMI, Dor fundoplication, EGD, gastric body, GBP, GERD, HH, lap repair, PPIs, SG, UGI

Retrograde Intussusception After Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

Presented by Daniel Moon, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V001 case #1–53 sec CT–1:05 procedural video–1:09 Keyword(s): BP limb, common channel, intussusception, JJ, Roux limb, RYGB, SBO

Gastrectomy, Roux-En-Y Esophagojejunostomy for Gastric Necrosis after Gastric Band Slippage

Presented by Jason F Richardson, MD, SS08: Videos – Obesity Surgery: V003 case study–14 sec CT–29 sec procedural video–45 sec Q&A session–7:05 Keyword(s): band slippage, bariatric diet, esophagus, gastric necrosis, GEJ, JJ, RNY reconstruction, sepsis, staged procedure, UGI

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