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Bilateral Partial Adrenalectomy For Bilateral Pheochromocytoma

Nathan G Richards, MD, Frederick J Brody, MD, MBA case details–29 sec workup–42 sec procedural video–1:10 conclusion–7:25 Q&A session–7:48 Keyword(s): adrenal mass, adrenal venous sampling, adrenalectomy, cortisol, CT, frozen section, glucocorticoid, lap US, malignancy, metastatic disease, multifocal tumor, oncogene mutation testing, pheochromocytoma, radical resection, reoperation, urinary metanephrines, VHL testing

The Outcomes Of Non-Trauma Splenectomy From Nationwide Inpatient Sample

S027 – A Y Zemlyak, MD, V B Tsirline, MD, S El Djouzi, MD, A L Walters, MS, A E Lincourt, PhD, MBA, R F Sing, DO, B T Heniford, MD disclosures–26 sec introduction–31 sec methods–1:06 pt demographics–2:32 outcomes–3:09 conclusion–4:22 Q&A session–5:09 Keyword(s): emergent admission, Foundation for Surgical Fellowships, HVC, LeapFrog, liver disease, NIS, splenectomy, […]

Perioperative Assessment Of Patients With Primary Aldosteronism At The Toronto University Health Net

S030 – Nicholas Gaudet, MD, Usmaan Hameed, MD, Allan Okrainec, MD, Todd Penner, MD, David R Urbach, MD overview–25 sec preop assessment guideline–48 sec methods–1:35 results–2:13 outcomes–2:40 pitfalls of CT localization–3:01 discussion–3:42 conclusion–4:07 Q&A session–4:32 Keyword(s): adenoma, adrenal hyperplasia, adrenal vein sampling, aldosterone, Conn syndrome, cross sectional imaging, CT localization, lap adrenalectomy, primary hyperaldosteronism, saline […]

Laparoscopic Adrenal Metastatectomy: Appropriate, Safe, And Feasible

S029 – Judy Chen, MD, Ali Tavakkoli, MD background–17 sec objectives–1:46 methods–2:13 results–2:58 demographics–3:20 conclusion–5:40 Q&A session–6:05 Keyword(s): adjuvant chemotherapy, adrenal metastasis, adrenalectomy, conversion rates, imaging, lap adrenal metastatectomy, malignancy, margin status, pathology, radiofrequency ablation, resection, retroperitoneal approach, tumor, XRT

Hybrid Approach Of Video Assisted Neck Surgery (Havans) – Endoscopic Complete Central Node Dissectio

S028 – Akihiro Nakajo, MD, PhD, Hideo Arima, MD, PhD, Munetsugu Hirata, MD, Yoshie Takae, MD, Yuko Kijima, MD, PhD, Heiji Yoshinaka, MD, PhD, Shoji Natsugoe, MD, PhD introduction–30 sec LN dissections for papillary thyroid cx–59 sec HAVANS–2:03 procedural video–3:17 conclusion–6:33 Q&A session–6:38 Keyword(s): axillary approach, chest wall, clavicle, cosmesis, cranio-caudal approach, endoscopic central node […]

Robotic Technique for Challenging Aspects of Donor Nephrectomy

Alisa M Coker, MD, Kristin L Mekeel, MD, Joslin Cheverie, MD, Juan S Barajas-Gamboa, MD, Bryan J Sandler, MD, Garth R Jacobsen, MD, Ajai Khanna, MBBS, PhD, Mark A Talamini, MD, Alan W Hemming, MD, Santiago Horgan, MD large lumbar vein case–9 sec retro-aortic renal vein case–1:39 two renal arteries case–2:57 Keyword(s): CT, gonadal vein, […]

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